The Domino Effect

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Four years have passed since they left Korea for good. Chanyeol is doing his best to provide for his family and Baekhyun is doing his best not to cry in front of their little girl.


When Chanyeol was finally able to move, the first thing he did was hug Baekhyun. Even when the nurse came back with the unsettling news.

"Obviously this isn't something you want but you are indeed pregnant, Mr. Byun."

One by one the dominoes came tumbling down.

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kaekwonlee #1
Chapter 53: This is what I want. The relationship, the family, the vacation, everything is perfect. Even the seasickness. Bcuz that would totally be me...sick on my honeymoon/ vacation.
Exofanland #2
Chapter 53: family is honestly the most important thing. I personally think famiy is what bring you joy and despite all the sacrifice I think it is all worth it if the love you share is all real and deep.
Chapter 53: Might as well right a sequel bro, no one would be disappointed. I know I wouldn't.
Arixisan #4
Chapter 53: I really appreciate your extra chapters. It's so fun to read them. I hope to see more of it. Like back to the present were baekyeol is in their 30s, mina 16 yrs old and jaxon 11 yrs old. Omg what if they will get an unexpected blessing in that age, hmm a baby (babies? Lol) perharps. I can imagine grown up Mina and Jaxon being overproctective and admirable of their cute baby siblingsss if ever. And I want to see 35-year old baekyeol being parents of new babiesss again. Like I want too see the difference of their parenting style and lifestyle when they have Mina and Jaxon (18-24 y/o) and them being new parents again in their 30s with them having jobs and all etc. TT♡ my imagination is so out there eh? LOL
97 streak #5
Chapter 52: I had to reread this chapter lmao
shuzyah #6
Chapter 53: Wonderful piece of work - thx u for sharing this great fic with us!
Chapter 53: DomesticCB always gets me so soft. T^T I'm glad that they had such a wonderful honeymoon and that they got to make the best of the whole experience. The kids were so adorable especially Jaxon haha! I can imagine him being possessive of Mommy Baek. Haha! ^_^ I love this fic so much and reading your updates leaves me feeling good every time. ^_^
Vice-President #8
Chapter 53: you keep on spoiling us, and they are way too good every single time. i love how they are so in love. damn! baekhyun's pretty popular.. i love it..
thank u, thank u so much..
Chapter 53: I really love it! Thank you sooo very much for this side story yyy~~ can't wait for your another story of chanbaek!^^
circle09 #10
Chapter 53: I wouldn't be able to thank you enough for writing this story. I have come to invest a lot of emotions from reading this and it makes me so happy and moved to be able to read your additional chapters. Thank you so much for sharing this with us! You are so wonderful! All the best for you! Happy new year! :)