The Well of Emerald Waters


Forbidden love, adventure, myth, and mysteries in the Dragon Age.

Luhan is a templar out on a mission to find and capture the apostate mage Xiumin. Abandoned by his fellows, he struggles to imprison Xiumin all on his own, and return him to custody in the Circle Tower, but the journey is far from easy or, for that matter, adventure-less. Along the way, they'll run into a party of Fereldens escorting a nobleman's brat, a friendly assassin just along for the ride, a lonely elf, a lost dwarf, a once-upon-a-time werewolf, more monsters, and yes indeed - a dragon. Also there is something dark and tainted following the party, tailing them all the way and keeping just out of sight.



The Well of Emerald Waters | Xiumin/Luhan (main) -  Sehun/Kyungsoo, Jongin/Baekhyun, Suho/Jongdae (side)

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Magic, Romance, Drama, Comedy |  Rating: PG-13 |   Length: Chaptered/Ongoing

Warning for video game-like violence, but nothing really gory.




IMPORTANT: Do you need to be familiar with the game to read this? No. This is a fantasy world at its core, that just so happens to borrow from the DA universe, and it is not essential that you know the game backwards and forwards, or even at all. Fanfiction: is it not a glorious thing?

Thank you London_Calling for the poster, as well as numerous drabbles set within this fic. 


"Here lies the abyss, the well of all souls. From these emerald waters doth life begin anew. Come to me my child, and I will embrace you. In my arms lies eternity."
- Canticle of Andraste 14:11

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1fanfic #1
Chapter 44: ohhhh shoot. I just caught up up with the story, reading three chapters in a row, only to be left with another bloody cliff hanger! lol the frustration ;D
Rb2012 #2
Chapter 44: Oh My God !!!!!!!!!!!
Rb2012 #3
Chapter 43: Aaaaaaaaaaaah
ElhHham_kyu #4
I spent the past four days reading this while trying to run away from my obligations. It felt good. My mind was on a journey and I really needed that.
You're an awesome story-teller. You would make a great granny who tells her grandchildren fairytales about dragons and unexpected love.
I'm wondering why other people haven't found this gem yet?
Thank you for sharing this with us. I really enjoyed reading this.
Rb2012 #5
Chapter 42: Oh my God is it xiumin the one with the other group.gasp.
Lumin hurry
Chapter 42: I'm so happy you came back!
minkey09 #7
Chapter 42: oh... did yixing just lie? o.o
Chapter 42: This chapter... I feel blessed. Thank you
1 points #9
Chapter 41: I really do think it's a good idea to reread although it would take time and a lot of thinking. My memories can't keep up with the flow and I already forgot what each characters are. I'm glad you updated though and I just started following your Twitter.