Breathing You Back In

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Do Kyungsoo was wrapped around Jongin's fingers and he was lucky to remove himself.

Fate brings them side to side once again.



“Jongin..look we have to end this act here, alright. I don’t know what you’re trying to get at but please stop. It’s insane of you to-”


    “Kyungsoo, you don’t ing understand!” Jongin shouts and impulsively pulls the smaller into his arms, wrapping his limb over his tiny frame. Cradling Kyungsoo’s head in his hold, he inches closer towards Kyungsoo’s lips and the other immediately flinches in fear, so Jongin automatically desists his movement. Within a second, Kyungsoo hauls himself out and thunders away, afraid of Jongin.









Do Kyungsoo


Kim Jongin 


Kim Teo:




WARNING: Author Loves Playing With Words Where Some Might Be Confusing And Grammers May Not Sound Right...

If You Show Rudeness, GTFO. It's that Easy~ :) 


Advice: Don't show up to someone's story and write something that will hurt an author's feelings, you big meanie. 

I'm Not Someone You Wanna Show Rudeness To. Might As Well Leave Before I Show You What's Rudeness. 








In case you haven't notice, Baby Teo is the baby version of Kai! They look so alike!



Anyways...I'll be concentrating with this fic lol. Haven't found a freaking story with Teo as Kaisoo's Kid so here Teo shines!





I'll try updating frequently!

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Chapter 6: I LOVE THIS
Chapter 17: I really had fun reading this story.. it is really really good fiction.. i mean really amazing.. good job author
Lolypop123 11 streak #3
Chapter 17: That was lovely.who doesn't like happy ending ☺
i wanted to say something.i hope you dont be story we face with fem inin DO but in poster he is manly even more than kai.maybe it is just in my eyes. ; )
Congratulations on getting featured!
Eunsmoon 49 streak #6
I really enjoyed this story, thank you for writing it!
Chapter 16: Thank was so beautiful.<3<3<3
yteukssi #8
Your story so amazing another beautiful Kaisoo fic ❤️
Chapter 17: This story deserves to be featured! Congrats on writing an amazing piece!