"I didn't ask you to break her, and then fall in love with her."

"I didn't ask him to break himself to fix me."


With Kim Hanbin, there are only two rules.

One: Don't talk to him unless he talks to you. Two: Stay out of his way. 

He may be quiet, but he's loud enough to tell you he will break you. 

Yang Yejin, however, was louder. She broke into a million pieces standing on her feet, falling into the pool of his victims trying to save her best friend. Physically, mentally, and emotionally beaten down--she took it all for her best friend.

It was worth it, wasn't it?

Every single second was worth it. Behind each glare was a voice reaching for help. She was the only one who caught that.

Who would've known the lion and the tiger would fall in love?


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8) Love is Blowing - Lee Ji Young


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Chapter 5: Omo, thrilling. Looking forward for more longer chapters because i dont know if i can handle waiting lol
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Chapter 2: Woahhhh new reader here. I dont read the old one, but this is so good. Thanks author nim
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Chapter 2: Already feel anticipated for the new version, gonna wait for your update.
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Chapter 1: Please tell us what parts have been changed for old readers! I'll love the new version just as much as the old one, I'm sure of it!
Finally managed to finish this today. I shouldn't be watching a drama while reading this because both kept me hooked on the story.
I'm glad that Hanbin is finally reunited with Yejin. It's good that she decided to become an FBI just like her brother but it's also interesting that Hanbin happens to be one too.
I feel bad for Yejin now that she learns a bit about Hanbin and what his father is involved in. I have that feeling that Hanbyul might not be alive and possibly maybe the same thing with Hanbin's mother.
Favorite scene of this chapter is Yejin coming to Hanbin's house and how he wants her to stay with him. I hope Jinwon and Jinhwan know that it might be dangerous to follow Hanbin's father because he seems to be doing something dangerous.
I smell something fishy with Hanbin's father, the way he acts is like he's hiding a big secret.
I'm guessing the pictures that Jinhwan took of Yejin is now on Hanbin's phone as his wallpaper. I find it cute that he doesn't want her to see or use his phone.
I like how Yejin now sees Hanbin a bit differently. Hopefully he might be a bit more open with her.