1st Bestfriend -vs- 1st Love!


Hyukjae's 1st bestfriend, the almighty Lee Donghae who always been chase with a girls, give him a love letter or presents or willing to give him everything, including their ity.

Hyukjae's 1st love, the savior from the past. The most charming guy ever in earth. Hyukjae already waiting for him for almost 10 years to do some confession and to tell all burdens in heart.

They're fight for one boy, Lee Hyukjae.......


Author Note: I'm not own anything or anyone except my storyline. I'm sorry for my bad english, 'cuz english is not my 1st language. By the way, I really hope this will be long/best story even this is my 1st time wrote an english story. I'll try my best for this fic. Enjoy! 

p/s: Super Junior-M - Destiny really give me motivation on writing this fic! 



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Baegoppahansam #1
Chapter 25: Wow. Its so sweet and i really love it
rockUrbody #2
great job !
bosy93 #3
Chapter 25: so sweet eunhae 'haehyuk' always xD
[deactivated] #4
Chapter 25: Haehyuk forever to the end if it is an end hehe i love eunhae couple
saymyname #5
Wow so sweet >_<
And HaeHyuk married at the end! How cool can that be :3
blackspiderlily #6
i didn't noticed that it ended already.. XD

aww.. the ending was so sweet.. :D
Hoya found Dongwoo~~ aww..

and HaeHyuk married.. :D

i love the ending.. :D

daya219 #7
WoW!! Great Story!!! i didnt expect many things which it keeps me reading the story in one day LOL and ur english is really good !!!
ekusoyriake #8
aww. Ilove your sorry so much , It making me sad that it ended already. XD san you do a sequel? thank you so much
[deactivated] #9
Good!<br />
CozURhere #10
complicated feelings!<br />
i know how its feel...<br />
confusion!<br />
anyway,great job!