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"I never stopped."

It is like a melody, a slowing of wind that caressed his hair, a brush of lips against skin, a twinkle of the stars up above in the night sky. He closes his eyes for there were no other sounds that had been as soothing as the voice that whispered into his ear; there were no other words that could have lifted off the painful weight that was ever present in his chest. There were no other pair of arms that could hold him and give him such warmth, security, love. 

'I never stopped.'

There were no other men who could love him as much as he does, and always will. 


Sequel to 140506

Pairing: Sehun x Baekhyun

Word count: 21k

Genre: Angst | Slight fluff

Warning: Character Death


You may need tissues. And lots of chocolate.

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whiterose12 #1
Chapter 1: Why?!!
somnambulis #2
Chapter 2: I always have a feeling that there'll be somthg wrong w sehun due to his accident n when he didnt come to baek's weddinh i thought he's gone but then he's alright n i couldnt be more happier

N this happen

Oh god
introwjsn #3
Congrats on the feature!
I started reading this and it definately deserved the feature!
Chapter 1: God, this had me crying like for hours. I managed to read this twice because the first time my eyes were hazed from crying. You don't just read Sehun being dead and not cry.
This work is so good, the choice of quotes and emotions so spot on. With past flashbacks so au naturale, I never thought Sehun would die on his birthday. This is strange cause i knew from the begining that Sehun will die but I still read on. Waiting for the next work!
Anna1213 #7
Kaiserbae #8
winterbry #9
you write so well. and thank you for the early warning- off to get some tissues and chocolates.
btw, i love the poster!
Congratulations on getting featured!