Body Shots [Fully edited]


Fandom: SHINee


Warning(s): Stupid people in relationships

Summary: In which I write a Jonghyun one-three shot, that winds up being a story and magically featured? Nah, but in which Jonghyun meets someone unforgetable in a club.



Inspired by the song Body Shots by Kaci Battaglia

"A body shot requires the partner's body as the shot runs down her or him. In this example, the person having liquor poured on her lies on a table, floor, or any other flat surface, slightly propped up, leaning on an arm perhaps. The person taking the shot positions him or herself around the belt buckle. A third person then pours the shot slowly into the navel of the person lying down, and the person taking the shot must or suck the liquor up before it runs into the clothes of the person lying down."

- Courtesy of Urban dictionary 


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Llnnyy #2
Chapter 15: I lke the story
kammyl #3
Chapter 15: First of all, thank you so much author-nim for delighting us with this y and exciting story. I enjoyed it from the beginning until the end!!
inseipirit #4
Chapter 15: kim jonghyun just killed me again and again ikr this fic really tho oh my godnesss xD
Takeru_Jjong #5
Ugh, I get turned on each time in reading this story, really.
ae07yo #6
have read this story twice~ awsome as ever~
appletart987 #7
Chapter 15: You seriously write the best onew
1097ds #8
Chapter 15: I swear to God, this is the best I've ever read! -bows down- Thank you so much, Author-nim
lovelyjunmyun #9
Chapter 15: those photos >.< OMG!
Hanhan1 #10
Chapter 15: I really enjoyed this! :D An awesome read!~ thanks!
marydwann #11
That was.....great my god you sure know how to write a .