Sweet Escape

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An escape between two different people and find themselves in the same situation. 



Isn't that sweet when you meet other person you are not close too and have a same thought?



By the way, I have to remind you that this is just a story, so if there's a part of this story that hurts you.. I'm sorry but this is just a different set of stories. Okay?


Disclaimer: Too long updates!



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BACKGROUND MUSIC/ Inspiration Behind Stories


Chap #1.

Alesso - Sweet Escape


Chap #2 and #3.

Sleeping With Irens (Cover) - Iris


Chap #4.

Mat Kearney - Ships In The Night


Chap #5 -

Hardwell- Never Say Goodbye

Martin Garrix feat Usher- Don't Look Down

Tiesto- Red Lights


Chap #6-8

Galantis- Runaway ( U& I) 

Galantis- You

Zedd feat Jon Bellion- Beautiful Now

Martin Garrix- Forbidden Voices

DubVision feat EMENY- I Found Your Heart



Chapter #9

Avicii- Fade Into Darkness

Avicii- Heart Upon My Sleeve

Avicii- Hope There's Someone

R3HAB &VINAI- How We Party

R3HAB &DEORRO- Flashlight



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lorieloyu #1
Hi, I need your help, I need someone to make a free trailer for Sweet Escape/ True Colors/ Emergency!
Let me know if you are interested!
Thank you :)
Chapter 4: Oh, sweet escape… Vienna, I see ;) This is going to be interesting!
Chapter 3: Oh no, he's leaving? ;; I really enjoyed them living together! Still, it was ty of Jiyong to forget his promise to Taeyeon -.-
Either way, heading to the next chapter with excitement~ 8D
Chapter 2: Aw, what a sweet gesture: Jiyong and the shirt, and Kangin and their phone numbers LOL
Thank you for the chapter! It's nice to see them getting to know each other ^o^
YourSmile-I #5
Chapter 4: great story!!! Thanks!!!
39baekyeon #6
Chapter 10: I really like sweet escape, gtae personalities are so cool. Their "relation" is somehow sweet and special that makes me smile like an idiot. I like the way that they "connected" to each other due their circumstances authornim.
Wanting for more but i'm just gonna keep that for my self. Thank you for such amazing yet simple story authornim, be healthy and keep your work!
so glad im not the only gate shipper around here!!
AllureGTae189 #8
Chapter 4: Love love love love this story.
fuchaoife #9
Chapter 1: Awww love it already ♡
kimsoojungin #10
Chapter 1: Love your writings! On my way to complete this story❤