Dating SHINee :〖A Choose Your Own Adventure!〗new chp: 48, 49

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INTERACTIVE! Readers get to make choices in this story- they get to choose what to do!

 first interactive dating fic on AFF!  



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     Dating SHINee : An Interactive Story is an interactive story about a girl (you), who meets with one of the SHINee members (do note that they are simply normal people in this story). Of course, you can choose to be lovers, or just friends! Or be enemies... if you want that. There'll be hidden paths/ endings throughout the story as well, but I won't add them until the story is finished. An Interactive Story is basically where you get to choose what to do in the story. Descriptions of clothes and appearance will be vague - readers, please envision whatever like.


ps: a game version is currently being made by secretsnow!asdfsaf





click here for the game progress thread


Jung Roo Ri is a high schooler, living in the busy city of Seoul. It's the first day of summer break, and her mom bugs her to take a walk. But where should she go? This entirely up to you.

You will choose where she goes, which determines who you find. 

And how it goes on from there - it's up to you!


Have a fun adventure!

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SMentFan99 () says about chapter 40:
I can't wait for the next chap!!!

naegajoonicorn () says about chapter 48:
More Jonghyun! *makes a face* Love it, though. :D

lee-jinki-onew-dubu () says about chapter 45:
Arrrgh! I need an Onew update, sweetie! I'm dying :3

missmoknat () says:
Please update soon! :)

Zenitora () says about chapter 4:
wow... this is unique. I don't think there will be an update soon. > : (

kuro104 () says:
This is awesome!!! :D

aprillynn () says about chapter 45:
so is this the end? i am confused

ChocolateLuv261 () says about chapter 40:
Argh, as soon as I get to the middle of the story, it's not complete! >< xD But it's ok, I completely understand^^

clxxramoon () says about chapter 40:
Haish! How can I imagined Hakkie as Yoogeunnie??!

clxxramoon () says about chapter 31:
he kinda attractive when he ran his hand through his hair, maybe he must learn the newest attitude: no tease. T_T

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