What are we going to do now?


The story about the secret that should have never been revealed, about the promises that should have never been broken, and lips that should have never met.

The story about how easy it is to fall for someone and how hard it is to resist the desire.

The story about the taste of their love, and their tears.


Hoseok and Taehyung's relationship is flawles and so is Yoongi and Jimin's one even though they're together just 6 months. Everything changes when Jimin gets a job at a dance academy Hoseok already works at. A one, small mistake makes them craving for more. What will happen when two dancers get too close



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Chapter 13: Why this chapter is so angst. I love reading angst but I Hate cheating Angst... TBH I really don't like Hoseok and Jimin's characters in the story, especially Jimin. Hoseok for me is a little bit coward, he is attracted to Jimin till now but he can't give up on Tae either. Are you on your right mind of state?? I don't know how this story ends and how you can fix this mess but I hope Hoseok and Jimin would learn some hard lessons at the end. My last word : People, DO NOT CHEATING ~ ( ps: if u are attracted to someone when u already have bf, gf, try to distance yourself away from them and know your boundaries. Or Change your workplace is an ok option , don't cheat ~~
myrajhope #2
Chapter 13: ohmygod.. this so sad ㅠㅠ
Chapter 13: Oh no T_______T this is sad but I'm happy haha happy bcoz you're updating.
loula_o #4
Chapter 13: Vhope <3 i can't stand not to see them together
Jungkooklovesme #5
Chapter 12: This is so sad but i still love it
i hope taegi end up together lol
Chapter 12: U know what would be interesting? Tae and Yoongi together.
I like so much how u described Yoongi's feelings. It made me tear up a bit
Chapter 12: I wish they're happy @ the end of story, they're just a bunch of lost boys after all. Hope they'll find their way to happiness wow I sounds weird.? But anywaaaay~ have I tell you that I'm soooo glad you're back and updating, I thought you never coming back here :(( I love this story, and I like your writing style. Keep the good work and I hope I'll seeing the next chapter soon.? Well, whatever you feel like to write, I'll waiting patiently hehe have a good day ^^
Chapter 11: Min Yoongi.. :(((
No I really hate Park Jimin in here.. How could he.. And he doesn't even regret EFFING BREAKING YOONGI'S HEART LIKE THAT!! So I can't help but hate him so much... ><
Aww I have a question though :D
Did Jimin tell Yoongi that he's cheating on him for 4 months or did he just said that he wanted to break up to be with Hoseok? It makes so much difference :\
Your story is really good. I think you're really brave for choosing such a different plot. XD
Please update soon ^^
And please please please make Min Yoongi happy... :(
Chapter 11: I really don't like Hoseok and Jimin in this story...if they like each other they should have broke up with their boyfriends earlier. It makes me really mad that Hoseok is still lying to Taehyung. I'm a Vhope Fan, and i want them to be together but Hoseok is doing nothing else than hurting Tae. He should end things between him and Jimin or break up with Taehyung, and he is really selfish if he can't decide with who he wants to be. I love and hate your story at the same time soo mich. Its addicting and seeing Tae suffering so much is breaking my heart. Please make a happy end for everyone, especially for Yoongi & Taehyung. Please update soon ^.^