The Little Bumblebee


There are many reasons why people try to cover up their feelings for their best friends. But you probably have the worst case scenario out of everyone. While their best friends are the plain and boring average Joe's, your best friend is probably one of the hottest guys in Seoul. And the only reason why you stay away from letting your feelings slip out of your mouth is because you know he won't like you back. After all, he's Kai.


There are many reason why people try to cover up their feelings for their best friends. But Kai won't deny that it's because he is afraid of rejection. What happens if you reject him? Your relationship becomes awkward, your friendship will eventually be estranged. He won't even get to see your pretty face everyday, then. So the only reason why he stays away from letting his feelings slip out of his mouth is because he doesn't wish to lose you. 



Posters made by a wonderful reader of mine, ANGSTIMES!!!!! it's so pretty and lovely!!! thank you so much!






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40 streak #2
Chapter 22: So sweet story !!!
Chapter 7: Babe I read every A/N until the last word. Everything's so precious come on ;)
Chapter 6: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha kaiiiiii why so cute?!! Cutiekaiiiii
Another favorite of mine!!! I'm on a "fluff streak" this week because my life is a these days. I need happy and fluffy and sweet fics to make me feel better. ?
Congratulations on getting featured!
Febio_stkrn18 #7
I like this story. Can I translate or remake this story in my country language please? I just translate this story not cheating your story. Please
Chapter 20: FINISHED THIS STRAIGHT AWAY!!! I can't believed I missed this at first and I did enjoy reading both perspective ;u; YOUR FICS ALWAYS MAKE ME LOVE THE BOYS MORE AND MORE <3 Thank you thank you so much.
Chapter 7: i've only read baekhyun and sehun oc fics from vanillasushi but im really into kai these days so i tried reading this hehe and as expected from vanillasushi!!! Never fails to deliver heartwarming and heart flattering stories
Congratulations dear for the feature :D