When Yewon is Alone (part 2)

Are we Yewon?

Each step closer to the bedroom seemed difficult to Siwon. he opened the door carefull and sure enough, there was Yesung, sitting on the bed.

"Hi" Yesung greeted. he bit his bottom trying to control his anxiety. Siwon sat beside him, he flashed slightly nervous grin.

"Remember, you don't have to force yourself to do this" Siwon reminded. Yesung pushed Siwon back, caught off guard he easily fell back against the bed. Yesung followed by climbing on him and immediately connecting their lips and engaging in a desperate, passionate kiss. Yesung twirled his eager tongue around Siwon and for once was winning the battle for dominance. Siwon brought his arms around and secured Yesung's lean waist, crushing the man onto his body. Yesung broke the kiss to breathe, his panting enticing Siwon even more. Siwon glided his hands up Yesung's spine, tugging at the shirt until Yesung cooperated and took it off. Siwon removed his shirt and once exposed, Yesung pulled him back into the kiss, their bare torsos now clashing. he straddled on Siwon, grinding their clothes bulges together, filling the air with grunts and s. Yesung unzipped Siwon's jeans and his own, they paused to take off theirs pants now. Siwon switched their positiosn by grabbing Yesung's wrist and compelling them onto the bed beside Yesung's head.

"Ah!" Yesung gasped when Siwon danced his tongue on spot on Yesung's neck, softening the skin before biting it. he on where he bit, bruising the area to leave a hicky, to leave his mark on his boyfriend. Yesung dug his hand between their bodies, he grabbed the elastic band of Siwon's boxer briefs, he pulled it down to release Siwon's . he rubbed the length up and down, earning frustrated groans from Siwon. Siwon on one of fingers, coating it with saliva, then he carefully poked it into Yesung's tight hole. Yesung whimpered from the odd feeling, now thinking he needed some extra preparation.

"C-Can you get my bag" he asked in a shaky voice. Siwon backed up to grab Yesung's bag and hand it to him. Yesung opened it, taking out the green bag from before, he held it upside down and there fell the and tube of lube onto the bed. Siwon widened his eyes at the objects while Yesung blushed.

"Sungmin gave these to me..." Yesung nervously picked up the and handed it out to Siwon.

"I think i need help loosening up" Siwon gripped the and laid Yesung back onto the bed, he grabbed the tube and covered the with lube. he poked at Yesung's entrance with the tip, causing the man to already squirm. then he pushed it in further, Yesung inhaled deep breaths as the item traveled deeper within his body. Siwon pulled it out and slowly pushed  it back in, growing more at the sight of hi boyfriend being molested. jealous of the , Siwon took it out and alined his with Yesung's entrance.

"Ah, S-Siwon~ " Yesung uttered wobbly. Siwon huffed at the tight arousal that surrounded his .

"Are you okay?" he had to ask. Yesung shut his eyes, a numb feeling waved through his body, an ache embarking that made him want to cry. but then he remembered Ryeowook's words: Don't stop him.

"I'm fine, k-keep going." he assured. Siwon gradually pulled out, and then ed back in, he began hump at a slow pace. Yesung brathed coherently with the jabs, he felt himself melting away at the feeling of his hole throbbing shut and then stretching open. he endured the painful , but then one made his body jolt, and a yelp filled with pleasure drove out of Yesung. Siwon had hithis pleasure point, something Ryeowook had said made the pain worth it. inspired, Siwon pounded back in, harder this time, Yesung ed again, louder. Yesung waved at Siwon to stop, so he could reposition himself by gettting on his knees, like a dog.

"Please, just me Siwon!" Siwon grabbed Yesung's hips and slammed back in, forgetting about being gentle. he plunged in and out rapidly, reaching his limits as he listened to Yesung's raspy voice his name. Yesung shut his eyes, and nearly screamed when spilled out of it, with a few more hits, Siwon followed suit. they collapsed on the bed, breathing heavily and feeling overheated. Siwon grabbed Yesung's small hand to get him up and guide him to the shower. he the running water and waited for the tub to be full. once ready he invited Yesung inside. Yesung relaxed when the warm water touched his body, it eased his lower back pain. he sat across Siwon, who smiled at him sweetly. Yesung played with the foamy bubbles that were added.

"I can't believe we just did that..." he spoke.

"Do you regret it?" Siwon wondered. Yesung shook his head, his face flustered red.

"Good." Siwon remarked. they remained sitting their, sort of cleaning themselves. Yesung stared at Siwon with unsure eyes, certain words clinged at his throat.

"I think...i think i love you..." he muttered. Siwon widened his eyes, which made Yesung even more anxious.

"I think i love you too Yesung." Yesung nodded his head, his eyes growing watery from the emotional impact.

"I'm glad we're Yewon"


By the end of the trip, Yesung and Siwon had 2 more times.

Yesung smiled when he saw his house, he quickly got out the car and walked to the front door with his bag. when he opened the door, he was immediately welcomed by his friends.

"Yesung! you're back" Ryeowook cheered, hugging Yesung tightly.

"Hey,i didn't miss you, but it still good to see you" Sungmin commented. Yesung rolled his eyes and set his bag down.

"Did you have fun?" Ryeowook asked.

"Yeah, it was really fun. Siwon's family is nice, and the villa was really nice."

"Okay, enough about you, i need your opinion" Sungmin snapped. he shoved a photo of a vest on a manicane to Yesung.

"Wouldn't this vest look nicer in dark pink" Yesung examined the vest, realizing that Sungmin was refering to the outline of the white vest.

"I don't know, i guess." he answered. Ryeowook pouted his lips and snatched the picture out of Sungmin's hands.

"No, it has to be purple!" he argued.

"What is this all about?" Yesung wondered.

"I'm thinking buying a set of this vest for the wedding for, you know, the bridesmaids, but Sungmin wants the outline to be in pink."

"Because it'll look nicer!" Sungmin barked.

"You're just saying that because it's your favorite color, but my favorite color is purple!"

"Just because it's your favorite doesn't mean it's the best" Sungmin countered.

"But it's my wedding!" Ryeowook glanced at Yesung and suddenly gasped.

"W-What is that!" he paniced, pointing to Yesung's neck. Yesung blushed when he realized what Ryeowook was referring to.

"Is that a hicky....Yesung, did you and Siwon....?" Ryeowook waited for Yesung to answer. Yesung his lips and then nodded his head.

"Omg, a in miracle happen!" Sungmin expressed.

"How was it, did you like?" Ryeowook asked with a beaming smile.

"Uh, it was...good, great..." Yesung shyly admitted.

"Did you use my present?" Sungmin questioned. Yesung didn't respond and instead looked away.

"You did! i told you it was a good present" Sungmin teased. Sungmin and Yesung turned to Ryeowook when they heard a sniffling sound come from him.

"Ryeowook, are you crying?" Yesung asked. Ryeowook wiped a tear from the corner of his eye.

"I can't help it *sob* i'm so p-proud." he grew more emotional when he looked at Sungmin, he reached out to him and pulled him into a hug.

"Oh can i be there Minnie when you and Donghae do it?" Sungmin widened his eyes and tried to pull away.

"NO! Are you crazy, that'll be so weird!" Sungmin told him.

"I won't say anything, i'll just watch, and maybe take a few pictures" Sungmin continued shaking his head.

"Or i can join." a deadly silence emerged between the 3.

"Too much?" Ryeowook finally said.

"Too much." Yesung answered him. Ryeowook shrugged his shoulders and decided to switch the subject.

"I give you this advice so you can maintain a stable relationship" Ryeowook said, eyeing Yesung.

"Don't get addicted to , it's easy to get attached to someone that way."

"Aren't you addicted to it?" Sungmin accused.

"No! it's not like i beg for it." he paused and smirked to himself, scaring his friends.

"Kyuhyun does that." Sungmin put his hands up as a small bow to his friend, Yesung picked up his bag as a distraction. Ryeowook put his arms around both is friends and pulled them together.

"I can't wait for graduation"


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Cenya14 #1
Great story, very funny (:
Kyeo-Baby-Min #2
Chapter 2: Turtle soup? ROFLMAO
MinWook!!! LOL Sungmin Why am I the girl? LOL Pink dress.... then again he did wear one to sleep for three years...

Worst undercover indeed....

Funny funny. I kinda like it.
Chapter 2: I laughed so hard at the last part code red code red hhhhhhhhh
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Chapter 29: This was cute. ^^
Elf0529 #5
Chapter 29: The last paragraph about the friendship thing and the rest of it made me cry because I imagined it really happening taking a group picture together like that it was so cheesy but it made my cry because it was silly happy romantic story and you ended the story like that so beautiful
I really liked it. :') :) X'D
Melissaq612 #6
Chapter 29: Ah so sad it's over :( yewon so cute really enjoyed this story thanks author
Ono_Mitsuki #7
Chapter 4: "You realize we only hang out because we're both friends with Ryeowook right?"
This part made me laugh (also sorry for commenting on the wrong chapter, is that I tend to read a lot of chapters at once and forget about what I was going to comment)
pillow4hyukjae #8
Chapter 27: u noe eversince d start i keep imagining d principal to be heechul...hihihi...somehow he fits d character..haha!
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Chapter 25: she's a b*tch, sl*t, wh*re!!!! sungmin is rite!!!!!
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Chapter 2: Some wrong spelling but great story! I love how the waiter served turtle soup to Yesung, I just lol right now..