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First Day Being His Girlfriend

Friday ( Teacher's Day , No School )
    " Ding Dong ~ Ding Dong ~ Ding Dong ~ " I rang the door bell outside HyunSeung oppa's door excitedly . " Coming ! " I heard HyunSeung oppa shouted , so I waited patiently outside for him to open the door . " Hi Hi ! " I greeted him happily as soon as a sleepy HyunSeung oppa opened the door .
    " Jae Mi ? What are you doing here ? " HyunSeung oppa asked as he frowned .
    " HyunSeung oppa ! I have something very important to tell you ! VERY important ! Let's go in first ... " I said as I pushed him into the living room .
    " What's so important ? Is it more important than my sleep ? " HyunSeung oppa asked with half opened eyes as I sat down on his couch and he sat down beside me .
    " I'm dating ! " I whispered into his ear .
    " WHAT ?!?! Dating ? Since when ? With who ? GiKwang ? Or is it JunHyung ? Someone I don't know ? Does Jae Jin know about it ? " HyunSeung oppa bombarded a string of question to me .
    " It's JunHyung and you're the first one to know , like I've promised ... " I smiled at him , and he relaxed . Just then , I realised something weird . " How did you know that JunHyung likes me ? "
    " Oh , I just somehow found out ... " He didn't really answer my question but I didn't probe any further . " Anyway , aren't you going to answer your phone ? " HyunSeung oppa asked as he pointed to my vibrating phone . " Oh ! " I smiled at him before quickly answering my phone .
    " Hello , IU . " I greeted her happily as I answered the phone .
    " Jae Mi ah ... Can I come over to your place today ? " IU said , sounding a bit down .
    " What's wrong ? " I asked concernly . " Is it your father again ? "
    " Mmm , my mother is going to visit grandmother , she got sick ... She's going to stay there for a week to take care of her and I can't go there since I have school ... Well , I didn't want to stay with my father alone ... Who knows what he will do ... It's just not safe ... So ... I'm wondering if I can stay over at your place this week ? " IU asked eagerly .
    " Sure . " I said readily .
    " Can you like stay here alone for a few hours today ? "
   " Of course , I'm not like a child or something . Why ? You going out ? " IU asked curiously .
    " Mmm , with JunHyung ... " I answered with a smile , excited at the mention of our first date .
    " JunHyung ? The two of you are dating already ?! " IU sounded disappointed . " I always thought you will end up with GiKwang ... " What ?! GiKwang oppa ? I never knew IU wanted me to be with him ... IU seemed to notice my shock face when she continued to explain further on what she said . " I ... I just think that GiKwang is a better choice . You see , he's like rich and handsome and everything . Oh , and most importantly , he's really good to you ... "
    " Oh ! So that's why you always disappear to give us ' time alone ' ! "
    " Hehe ... I just wanted to help ... " IU said when she was interupted by someone suddenly appearing behind us . " Don't ever do that again ... " JunHyung said , directing it to IU . He then sat down on the sofa beside me and put an arm around me . " She's now my girlfriend ... "
    " Oh ! JunHyung ! How did you come in ? " I asked as I blinked at him , totally surprised .
    " The door wasn't lock ... "
    " REALLY ?! " I asked , totally shocked again . " Wait , I need to go and lock it now ... " I said as I stood up from the sofa .
    " Yah , I've already locked it and shouldn't you be calling me oppa already ? " JunHyung said as he pulled me down on the sofa again . He wants me to call him oppa ? Ahh , I'm smiling from ear to ear ... " Oppa ... " I called as I gave him another smile .
    " What ? I didn't hear clearly , you were too soft . Say it again ... " JunHyung said smiling . Haha , he's so cute ... I don't mind repeating it a few more times to see his smile ...
    " Oppa ! " I almost shouted at his ear and he gave me a contented smile . " Again ... "
    " Let's go and look at the raccoons ! " I exclaimed as I pulled JunHyung oppa away from the lions . We are now in the zoo looking around at the different kinds of animals . " Wow ! Look ! The raccoons are so cute ! " I said to JunHyung oppa as I pointed to one of the raccoon jumping from one tree trunk to another . " We should look at cute animals like that , not those scary lions ... "
    " Anything you want ... " JunHyung oppa smiled . We then continued looking around the zoo and we saw a lot of other cute animals like pandas , penguins and squirrels . We had so much fun that by the time we went out of the zoo , it was already dinner time . " Let's go and have our dinner ... " JunHyung oppa suggested as he pulled me up the bus .
    Today , the bus was somehow less crowded and we found two empty seats for ourselves . We sat down and JunHyung was sitting at the seat nearer to the window . " Where are we going to eat our dinner , oppa ? " I asked as I lay my head on his shoulder .
    " Remember the coffee shop that we went to last time ? " He asked as he started playing with my fingers .
    " The one where you ate my chicken ? "
    "Mmm , we are going there . " He said without looking up from my hands , but I can see that he's smiling . " Oh ! " He suddenly looked up at me with a eager face , like he just remembered something . " So , what did noona gave you as your birthday present ? "   
    " It's a bracelet , a really beautiful one . " I answered with a smile .
    Just then , JunHyung's phone rang and he quickly let go of my hand to answer his phone . " Hello , noona . " I heard him called out as he answered the call . So the person who called is So-Eun ... During the rest of the time he was on the call , he remained silent and his face became serious . I wonder what happened ...
    " What is it ? Is something wrong ? " I asked concernly .
    " I need to go back to my parent's house for dinner . " JunHyung explained as he turned to face me . " My father is back ... " He's father is back ? I guess that's more important than eating dinner with me ... I mean , we can eat together another time , right ? But his father, it's been so long since he last came back . JunHyung oppa must have missed him ...
    " Don't worry about me , you can go back . I will go home myself . " I assured him with a smile .
    " No . " He looked into my eyes and hold my hands again . " I want you to come with me . "
It's our 40th chapter and this fanfic is going to end soon ... Maybe 5 or 6 more chapters and it's going to end . We donno why but we have feeling like there's lesser people reading this fanfic ... It's like even some of the subscribers haven't been coming back to read the updates :( Our view counts haven't really increased recently . So if you are still reading , which I think there is only very little people , please comment something , anything ! We need some encouragement ...


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