Alice Turns Into Little Red Riding Hood

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"What the heck...?"

There might be werewolves and there might be vampires, but nobody knew there was a mix of the two.

Alice, was noticed by one of those creatures, by accident, of course. She just had to help Baekhyun who was bleeding all over, knocking on her doorstep for help. She even saw Chanyeol change into a wolf somehow. 

Due to knowing their little secret, she was kidnapped to their home and is forced to live with them. Twelve teenage boys, half werewolf and half vampire. Then she realized something, they are actually the most popular guys at her school.

As she lived with the boys, they actually fell in love with her at some point, obviously. Filled with hormones and thirst to taste sweet blood, she was fought over the twelve boys. How will she survive?

Oh, forgot to tell you. Alice Park, is YOU.


(I did not do any plagiarism in this story. Yes, I know there are lots of similar stories, but if there is a story that seems real similar to mine, it's an accident. I did not intended to copy somebody's plot. This one, is purely mine.)


"I'm sorry, but we can't let you go." Suho sighed.

"Why?" you frowned.

"You've seen our other form, Alice. We can't just let you go with that secret of ours." he explained. 

"Oh, don't worry. I'll keep your secret, I promise!" you forced a smile and turned around to leave.

"No," Kai gripped on your wrist. You turned your head to see him smirk at you.

"Looks like little Alice has turned into Little Red Riding Hood."


Who wants to be Alice? ~ ExoLuver_ARMY

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Chapter 89: HOUSE?.... What is happening there?..
7 new scents,, maybe BTS, Got7 or Infinite?
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Chapter 89: Who are the 7 new scents by the way maybe it's BTS or Got7
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