Alice Turns Into Little Red Riding Hood

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"What the heck...?"

There might be werewolves and there might be vampires, but nobody knew there was a mix of the two.

Alice, was noticed by one of those creatures, by accident, of course. She just had to help Baekhyun who was bleeding all over, knocking on her doorstep for help. She even saw Chanyeol change into a wolf somehow. 

Due to knowing their little secret, she was kidnapped to their home and is forced to live with them. Twelve teenage boys, half werewolf and half vampire. Then she realized something, they are actually the most popular guys at her school.

As she lived with the boys, they actually fell in love with her at some point, obviously. Filled with hormones and thirst to taste sweet blood, she was fought over the twelve boys. How will she survive?

Oh, forgot to tell you. Alice Park, is YOU.


(I did not do any plagiarism in this story. Yes, I know there are lots of similar stories, but if there is a story that seems real similar to mine, it's an accident. I did not intended to copy somebody's plot. This one, is purely mine.)


"I'm sorry, but we can't let you go." Suho sighed.

"Why?" you frowned.

"You've seen our other form, Alice. We can't just let you go with that secret of ours." he explained. 

"Oh, don't worry. I'll keep your secret, I promise!" you forced a smile and turned around to leave.

"No," Kai gripped on your wrist. You turned your head to see him smirk at you.

"Looks like little Alice has turned into Little Red Riding Hood."


Who wants to be Alice? ~ ExoLuver_ARMY

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Chapter 88: Minseok please be safe and the others too omg im emo rn. So where is exo parents? They didnt help them in this case? Just curious XD
orangenhead #2
Chapter 88: Ahh at least Sehun managed to escape. I hope the others will be saved soon cause I don't know what more that crazy woo bin can do. Actually it is not that bad because of the injections the boys get their power I guess. I hope they can all live together again soon:))
Chapter 88: SEHHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!!!!!!!!!! OMFG TOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! it was heartbreaking to imagine sehun breaking down like that ;_;but i'm glad he is calm and happy at the end :) tee hee,HIS HAPPINESS MY HAPPINESS!!!!AYEEEEEEEEYREEEYYYEEE AND I STILL LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!
MyIceGirl #4
kikiln2003 #5
Chapter 88: Freak you Woo Bin, DIE. I'm happy that Sehun is safe butttttt what about the others.
Sooyong #6
Chapter 88: Sehun now is out of the list to be safe.. Hope alice can find the others.. Before woo bin find them.. Because of the blood if im not mistaken..
zangsia1 #7
Chapter 88: Now that he has found Alice is it possible to find the other?
Chapter 88: Im happy sehun is okay now but im still worried for the others. Please hurry and save them.
Im happy you updated again author-nim^^ i cant wait for the next one where he will be reunited with his family and save the others i hope
paperairplane #9
Chapter 88: Ok this is so cute ;----; but the voice in the back of my head is screaming THE REST OF EXOO POOR BABIES

also the EXO-L fandom is dying rn (including me) we need an EXO comeback
darkdakriss #10
Chapter 88: Soooo romanticcc I'm loving it :D p.s poor guys hope nothing else that's bad happens to them