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House of 20's
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G-dragon of YG Entertainment could be everything others said him to be: a bad influence; a junkie; a drunkard; an arrogant, sadistic, and unstable superstar. But to me, he was only one thing:

...the man who saved me.

No one understood what we had. No one knew what he became to me, and I to him. No one knew that when we met each other in a suicide support group, we both agreed to a:

Mutually Assured Destruction



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Guys I accidentally delete chapter 5! Now I have to reformat it all. Please be patient. I can't do it today anymore so wait 12 hrs pls. Sorry! Come back again.

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mitaaa19 #1
Chapter 11: i already read again your story . please update soon
104 streak #2
it had been already 2 years and i'm still waiting for an update i miss this story
YourSmile-I #3
Chapter 11: Please update soon thanks
Hayat786 #4
Chapter 14: Plz ubdate
good job!!
[deactivated] #6
comeback to read gtae again :) miss them so much!!! hope you come back soon author :)
Lttlemssme #9