Winning The Ice Prince's Heart

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When Jessica Jung turns into a man. 

-written by a very problematic wanna-be author


yes. if you have decided to read the story, fore warning that this author is problematic as fock. thnx /lotsalove.

"Relationships aren't all fluff all the time, but it also doesn't have to be overly complicated for it to be "genuine".. Love isn't about who worked hard more, who got hurt more. It's a choice. And Love is love, and it is what it is." :)

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Chapter 35: I supposed to choose jeti because imma a jeti shipper but somehow i want taengsic here.... Or jeti.. Lmao i don't know (ok maybe taengsic is a better choice here) XD
iyaahsone_xx #2
Chapter 37: You giving up now on taengsiccc? :'( its okeh, youre making me like a ship just like seulrene omg. But taengsic still-- /bricked
Chapter 37: Please let it be Taengsic >< I'm really glad Jessi is back with the girls now..Thank you author for the new update and can't wait for the next! :DD
Chapter 36: i'm sure this is going to be a taengsic...
oh my Jeti's heart :((
istrinyaoppa #5
Chapter 36: Taengsic:((((((((
yerbua001 #6
Chapter 36: Jeti :)
Chapter 36: I want jeti author-nim pleaseeee :"(
dontknowanonymus #8
Chapter 35: This is the best story I have ever read. Please author..i hope it will be taengsic?

Thank you for writing this story.It is really interesting?