Calling Back All Memories


Title: Calling Back All Memories
Pairing: HaeHyuk

Side Pairings: KyuHyuk, HaeMin, KyuMin, HyukSu

Rating: PG-13
Genre: Drama/Angst/AU/Romance




Donghae planned to propose his lover Hyukjae. But on his way to Hyukjae's house. He got an accident. It made him forget his plan to propose Hyukjae, he forgot his promise through Hyukjae and the worse he forgot all about Hyukjae. How Hyukjae will survive? Because, Donghae's love toward him already gone. Will Hyukjae get his lover again?


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eunhae1504 #1
Chapter 17: finally i can read this story again ^^
i really miss this story and so happy i can read it again ^^
pillow4hyukjae #2
Chapter 17: aww.....i love the ending!!! god i love getting addcted to the word 'baby'...argghhhh!
pillow4hyukjae #3
Chapter 12: yes!!!! lets kill donghae arghhhhh!
pillow4hyukjae #4
Chapter 5: ____ u hae! erghhhhhhhh!
pillow4hyukjae #5
Chapter 2: so its like hae had love at first sight when he saw minnie with his mom izit? oh god! end this already~
Juno441991 #6
Hi ! i'm new reader here. I read your story all night long as I can't sleep when i'm not finishing it. It's really attract my mind so much. I love your stories: The annoying young master, Mr. Librarian,etc...
Keep on writing!!!!!!!
eunhae1504 #7
Chapter 17: hey new reader here..
i wanna punch donghae when he amnesia and hurtful things he did to hyukkie but i relieved when they finally become couple and get married.
i lke angst story with happy ending like this thank u so much author nim ^^
kiddoELF #8
aaawww I love this !!
it so wonderfull *sobs
hae is meanie , how could you forget hyukkie >< but its end with the happy ending , and I LOVE IT !!
frenzyril #9
part 2! (hopefully the last part!)

I love you Kyuhyun!!! I love your role here! He is such a nice and caring namdongsaeng! Although at first, he is confused with whom he truly loves. I know it's hard to be on Kyuhyun's part. I really love his role here! Although I expect him to be more vengeful, but I like the way you make his role.

Yoona plays a very important role here! I swear! If it wasn't for her, the two persons in love wouldn't be with each other's grasps. I love the fact that she initiates to help her cousin.

Hyukjae! I love you! and you know that, right? ;> Anyway, He is the most pitiful character here! Admit it! All readers will be emphatic for him! Aigooo! He is the one who makes me cry! Starting from the beginning until the end, he really makes me cry! The pain that he felt is so unbearable. But he sets the pain aside. He really wants to be with Donghae so he gives him so many chances! I know that everything has its limit. Same is true with Hyukjae's patience. But still! He didn't forget about Donghae while he is in France. His love for him is eternal! no doubt about him! Hah! I think this is what Hyukjae thought when he decides to leave Donghae:

"If you love something, set it free; if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't, it never was."

I'm really glad that this fic came into my life! XD Really, this made my day complete. I love reading this kind of fic. I love it!


(PS: Please update TAYM! Thank you! Hahahahaha)
frenzyril #10
I have just finished reading the whole fic! Hah! I spent 1 whole hour! :D Here comes my short comment. Don't worry, this is just a short comment. :>

Hahaha! Heechul hyung's character never ceased to amuse me! Almost all fics, his character, being an extra, is the best! I love on how he shows his worries to Hyukkie. He is such an adorable hyung to them! me too! I want to have a cool oppa like him! A not so serious type oppa! :D

When I was reading the first appearance of Junsu, I thought that, "Ahhh, this person will be very bad! He will do everything just to keep Hyukkie for himself." But OMFG! My guess is wrong! He is not a bad boy here! And I am glad that you make him that way. I want to compliment you for making his role like that. Seriously, I hate it when too much blood scenes, too much crimes and so on and so forth. I really appreciate him very much! He is so selfless! He truly loves Hyukjae because he sets him free. He didn't force him to love him or ____ him! Good job author-nim! :bd

As for Sungmin, I love his affection and concern towards Hyukjae. At first I hated him for no reason, but this time I appreciate his role. He is like Junsu in a way. He is a very good friend for Hyukjae and also for Donghae. I think Sungmin's character is one of a kind. You can barely see a person like him.

I really love Donghae's mom here! She is very supportive for the both sides! Whenever Donghae did something stupid, she will scolds at him. But at the same time, she is the most concerned. She is concerned for the relationship of the two, Donghae and Hyukjae. She knows that Donghae really loves Hyukjae. She always makes a way to implant on Donghae's head that the latter loves Hyukjae very much. She shows her concern for Hyukjae. She lets Hyukjae go to France even though she wants to clear the misunderstanding between the two. She did that because she knows how Hyukjae felt. She even explains it to Donghae, right?

end of part 1 :))