Your Very First Love

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Kang Seulgi, a college freshman who's been single since birth, confesses to her crush, the popular Wendy Son. Seulgi finds herself rejected by Wendy only because of her lack of dating experience. Refusing to give up, Seulgi seeks the campus' infamous serial dater, Irene Bae, to gain enough experience so that she may eventually date Wendy. Irene is bored with her usual routine, so she agrees to help the younger girl. 

Of course, as these types of arrangements usually go, things don't turn out like they quite expect.




Credits and thanks to flavahz of the FLAVAHZ ▬ graphic shop for the poster and background!


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Chapter 10: Oh my gosh i finished it at one go and i don't regret it. It's soooooo hilarious!!!!!! My fav scene of course when seulgi boldly kissed irene back akdnakdjakdnk and i can't faced anyone whose name issabella the same way ever again lmao!
Chapter 9: I love Isabella
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Chapter 3: Goddamn Isabella
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Chapter 10: this is one of my favourites! thank you so much for this story. i have never regretted reading this
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Chapter 10: I haven’t really been into fluffy fics lately, but it’s 2AM and at the cuteness is just making me giddy.

Writing wise, I’d like to compliment your use of characters. The supporting characters are not overbearing and the “use” of them seems viable (I’m not mad that I got to see one supporting character more than the other because appearance seemed rightfully distributed). Additionally, I really enjoyed how I grew onto these little things that I didn’t like at first, like Isabella’s hot sauce and Yeri’s character (lol, I do have a lot of questions about her tho XD). They both seemed really extra, but I began to appreciate them.

I also appreciate how detailed and concise you are. This was a 10-chapter fic and you were always straight to the point and didn’t over analyze feelings. For example, when Seulgi finally confessed, I know authors who would write another chapter or two with Irene “thinking about it”. Yeah, it’s sweet to think before you speak, but it actually made my heart flutter when Irene made the first move to kiss Seulgi and when Seulgi just outright confessed to Irene. I don’t know. I guess as an older reader, I really do appreciate that puppy love. I mean, it’s not completely blind love, but it’s not over analyzing either.

I’d offer some constructive criticism, but your writing style is nothing like mine and I appreciate simple, realizations fics like this one every once in a while!

Thanks for the good read[: It’s New Years Eve at the moment that I’m writing this comment and I feel like I’m ending the year right by reading such a good fic. Best of luck to you and your ventures! Hope your 2018 starts off well!
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Chapter 2: I almost screamed reading that you made Irene’s character to be a civil engineer. XD

Anywho, I’m really digging the pace and development of this story so far. Can’t wait to read the rest!
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Chapter 10: AAAAAAHHHHHHHH THE LONG WAIT IS FINALLY OVER BUT IT'S LITERALLY OVER. i remember this fic got me cackling so loud months ago and it still does even at this ending. Thank you so much, author-nim, for your enthusiasm in giving us an update. Surely will miss this well-written, witty, and wonderful fic. Full of W's cause this fic is WOW af. thanks!! <333
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Chapter 10: i am so glad i read this. I cracked up the whole time and continuously fell deeper in love. ♥️ u ♥️
ashraz257 1 points #9
Chapter 10: Reading your story really fun.. ;)
So sweet, cute n funny... hehehe.. ;)
TQ 4 this amazing journey.. <3
Lauralts157 1 points #10
Chapter 10: Omg this was so cute, anyways thank you, I had a lot of fun reading this fic