You're my Melody (Springtempo One-shot)


Author: Gosenshii 

Title: You're My Melody 

Fandom: Springtempo (21Bang)

Summary: After quietly slipping away from an engagement party, TOP has a proposal for our corn-eating goddess no girl in their right mind would deny. Alien Couple fluff, fluff, and more fluff! 

Characters: Park Bom & T.O.P (Choi SeungHyun)

Pairings: ALIEN COUPLE, of course!

A/N: You know when you work on somehting for longer than you thought you would b/c it turns out to be harder than you thought, and you spent so much time on it eventually you don't even want to see it? Yeah, this is what happened with this, so all I want to do now is post it and hope you guys like it!

Crossposted at my personal Livejournal and Tumblr (feel free to reblog!) accounts. ^_____^;;

Warning!!!! This is so fluffy and cliche I was puking rainbows and bleeding unicorns while writing it, you've been warned! BEWARE OF ENDLESS FLUFF AND HOPELESS ROMANTISISM AHEAD!! ^^;;


------>> I have another TopBom fic in the works, this time a multi-chapter fic and a more angst-y one, so if you like what you see here, please stop by from time to time and check on my progress! *bows* thank you! <3


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seoinae #1
Chapter 1: LOVE IT!!!
Lyca_Myx #2
Chapter 1: The ending is really funny...wahhahaha...I love SpringTempo
Chapter 1: Fluffy and ending hilariously kekeke
Ahahah loving the bigbang boys action at the end! XDD
Tom and Jerry!! XDD
awww sweet springbom fic ~ love this! (>̯﹏<) ♥
Gosenshii #5
Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments, I really appreciate you taking the time to do so!!! SO happy you guys liked this sugary one shot!!!
LOL at BIGBANG spying! And everyone will be dead tomorrow. I LOVE IT! Every sentence are just so pure and lovely!
I really love TOPBOM!!
yumyubin #8
this is really romantic and sweet :D i love it. and i like the ending, so hilarious! :D<br />
TOPxBOM fighting xoxo
Ending ! so funny !<br />
LOVE it ! ~ ^^<3
ChoomKat #10
OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! your oneshot was brilliant!!!<br />
i hope you write more TOPBOM ff!!! thank you for posting this!