One Night Stand!?

It's a Little More Than Complicated

The morning was rather calm, as the glistening light shined through the windows. Brightening the dimmed room into a sparkling lair. The two contented males were still vast asleep. Until Cap accidently brushed his hand against something rather soft. He cringed his nose and tried to open his tired eyes. He groaned from the sunlight hitting his eyes and hid his head underneath the covers. But then touched that same softness once again.

He raised up until he could see the figure of the boy next to him. And then his mouth suddenly gapped, as a silent cry could attempted to escape from his throat. "W-WHAT THE HELL!? WHY ARE YOU HERE!?" He screamed as he jumped off the bed. Cap then realized that he was and quickly pulled on some boxers.

The boy slowly awakened with a bright smile across his face. His eyes fluttered as he turned around to face the elder. "Good morning hyung" Niel sang as he sat up and stretched his arms out. "I don't think you heard me." The boy tilted his head to the side and grinned. "What did you say Minsoo?"


"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU HERE? SPECIFICALLY IN MY BED!?" Cap screamed as he bawled his fists. Niel softly chuckled as he peered into Cap's eyes. "Well don't you remember that wonderful moment we had last night?" Niel's eyes twinkled as he his lips. Cap pondered at the boy's words, but nothing came to mind. "We did something?" He questioned.

Niel's expression froze, but he tried to laugh it away. As Niel got up, he put his boxers on then slowly walked towards the older male. "Don't you remember the way you fingers trailed down my chest? The way a clenched onto you tightly as we finally reached our climax. C'mon Minsoo, how can you ever forget a magical moment like that? It was almost like those days back at high school, right?" The boy smirked.

Cap released a grueling yell as he shook his head. "N-No you're lying." He started to shiver as the boy approached him. Niel's expression was sharp. Cold and stiff, with no sign of emotion. "Are you saying you were that drunk last night?" The elder raised his hands in front of him to block the boy as he shook his head. "N-No, uh I don't know, NO! AH!"


"YOU ING BASTARD!!" Niel screamed as he ran up to Cap and slapped him across the face. Cap was struck by the impact of the boy's hand and quickly ran into the kitchen. Trying to divert the boy's attention so he could escape. "Niel I'm sorry. Forgive me!" He begged as he stood behind the island. "Forgive you? Are you serious? We had and you completely forgot you drunk bastard!!" Niel ran up to the kitchen counter and picked up a knife from the drawer. "WOAH!" Cap yelled as he grabbed a silver tray and held it in front of him. "Y-You don't have to do this, okay? I-I'm sorry!"

Niel slowly approached the elder with the knife up by his head. Ready to strike when he could get the opportunity. "Niel stop it!!" Cap begged solemnly. He then noticed the security system on the wall and swiped his hand against it to turn it on. Cap then dashed out of the house and used some potted plants to keep the door shut tightly.

He sighed in relief as he wiped the sweat off his forehead. But then realized something that struck him hard. He was outside of his condo, only in his boxers, with the psychotic boy inside his beautiful complex. ", , !!" He grabbed onto the door knob, but then Niel tapped on the window and smirked. "If you even twist that knob slightly, your own security system will go against you." Niel laughed at the older's despair, then walked back into the kitchen and placed the knife back.


"Dammit Daniel, turn that off!" Cap demanded as he moved the plants away and glared at the boy. "Oh you want to come in, you headed moron? I don't think so. For tearing my heart apart and using me, you have to pay for it." Cap sighed. He was grieving at the situation he was in. But gasped when he noticed Niel opening the cabinet with the delicate China wear. "Daniel, don't you ing dare." He swore as he gritted his teeth.

Niel picked up a plate and held it out. "Try me" He then dropped the expensive wear and it shattered into several beautiful pieces. " GAH!" Cap screamed as he grabbed onto the door knob. Niel then shook his finger as he tisked at the elder.

Cap sat on the tiled floor and started to tear up. "What do you want with me?" He asked almost in a sense of agonizing pain. "If you really want to know. I want us to be together like we used to be. You left me with a broken heart out of no where. With no explanation no sense of where your whereabouts were. And now that I found you, you only seemed to use me in the end..." Niel started to tear up as he bent down and started to whimper.


Cap sighed as he saw the boy. He was some what right about what he said. But his actions were not necessary. In the end, Cap considered doing what the boy said, even though he was trying to stab him and ruined his good China. "Okay Daniel. I'm sorry, its absolutely my fault, and I apologize. I was being stupid and drank a little too much last night. Will you forgive me, please?"

Niel wiped some of his tears, then nodded. He got up and turned the security system off then leaned against the wall. Cap slowly turned the knob. He released a small breath of relief, then walked up to the boy and wiped the remaining of Niel's tears. "I'm sorry" He whispered. Niel wrapped his arms around the male and closed his eyes. "What have I gotten myself into?" Cap thought as he sighed.

The two males freshened up, then Cap quickly changed into his school uniform. "Wait you're going to school? What am I suppose to do?" Niel questioned as he puckered his lips. " can...first of all, clean up that broken China. Which was extremely expensive. And do whatever else you want to...bye!" Cap then rushed out of the door and jumped into his car. Starting the engine and then he took off. "Why the hell would a college kid want to buy good China?....Hmm I wonder what university Minsoo hyung attends?" Niel chuckled coldly then headed off into Cap's study room.

Hehe i kinda like psyco Niel. X3 Do you think he's crazy or is it okay for him to act like that? (Since Cap apparently left him)

Next chapter will introduce you to Chunji and L.Joe finally!!" :D

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Angel_Ahn #1
Chapter 24: I cried at this chapter .. Niel .. :'(
MinsooDanieL #2
Chapter 37: Woww this story really amazing...the nap story really give big pity niel's life become since he's only want to archive his dreams..poor niel...but i love the whole plot so much...
Lauka2 #3
Chapter 20: Wet Niel?! O.o
I think I love you for telling that TT^TT
and good story so far :-D
Ciinsere #4
Chapter 37: I'm less mad about Chunji taking LJOE back because it was AWEWEEEESOME that your best the out of him XDDDDDDDD
[deactivated] #5
ILoveYou_Forever #6
Chapter 37: Reading again and I still cannot believe Channie actually trusted and forgave L.Joe like that. I'm not happy... Even though he is Channie's first love, he is unforgivable and his excuses are just not believable. I believe that if his life is meaningless without Channie, then he wouldn't have done what he did...
Well anyway, this fic left an amazing impression on me~~~
ChocolateSky #7
Chapter 37: Awww I love this story!! I cried while reading this chapter! And I hope you will write some more ChunJoe fanfics in the future (hoping for a one with a happy ending XD)
910409 #8
Chapter 37: Has it really been 2 years!? Oh my hahaha well, I'm glad to have followed your fic through to the end. The story line definitely holds true to the title. I enjoyed all the drama and violence, not so much Daniel's past was an interesting twist. And I agree about using their real names. They're so gorgeous lol and lastly, congrats on finally completing this! :DD
propapamda #9
Chapter 37: im glad i clicked on this story. it was funny yet saddening too xD fantastic job!