From Real to Reel Life?

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From Real to Reel Life? - main story image


Park Shin Hye, Jung Yong Hwa


A fanfic that will turn the real moments on Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's life to reel moments...

This fanfic is dedicated to all Dooley Couple/YongShin fans. 

Each chapter will be inspired by every event in Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's life... either together or separately.

This is what my Dooley Heart hopes that could happen during these events.

Like as the fanfic title said this are only reel moments 

Main Characters:

Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa

Other Characters:

Depends on every chapter




Hello Dooley Hearties... This fanfic is for all of us.

If you have any moments or events that you would want me to include in this fanfic, just comment or PM me. I would appreciate it. For the first few chapters, I will write about the CN Blue Storm 2 days concert.

I'll post the first chapter tomorrow...



I do not own the characters of this fanfic. This is all based on my imaginative and creative mind.

The story is written by me “EmotionalStar”. Please do not post this fanfic without my permission. If you post it, please give due credit to me.

Thank you.

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elinaelina () says about chapter 42:
dear authornim...please update soon your story..really miss your new story about them..i do hope they will be toegether in real life...hope to hear their revelation soon..i'm excited to wait.......YONGSHIN!!! FIGHTING!!!!!!!!

khitz01 () says about chapter 101:
I think Yonghwa will agree so that they can concentrate on their respective job.infact that is just temporary break up like cool off

Riko_waiwai () says about chapter 101:
I think Yonghwa will agree only for pretend break up temporarily with condition maybe. I believe Nothing can truly seperate them. Dooley couple fighting!
Thanks for the update!

Shinjie89 () says about chapter 101:
pretending break up??ah...I think that's doesn't matter,Yonghwa will agree with Shin hye.maybe it was the best decision for them to protected each other.although i'm sure that's really hard to both.but,they always will supporting each other.and I will waiting till they are Ready to Get Married.kekekeke.
Thank's so much for this awesome ff.very2 beautiful story.
Thank' so much for u EmotionalStar, U're really Daebak!!
Please keep on writing!! We always support u. We will.
정말 고마워요! EmotionalStar 화이팅!!!

Margs35 () says about chapter 16:
I cant, help but keep on smiling reading its chapter,,, so great that i think i will fade after reading its chapter.. Of happines.....Hahahaahaha so loving it so much..... Thank to u dear for making this fanfiction... It make our dooley couple fan so happy to the highest level.... Thnks to u... Hoping and praying still that their lovestory will come to reality and both live happily everafter till the in....☺️☺️☺️☺️ Saranghi my dooley couple ..i will support u till the end...

ivyivyivy () says about chapter 101:
since they don't claimed publicly that they are official..must i prefer to pretending break up.. just like for what they did in real life hhehe they are always pretending that they are not a couple but in dooleys hearts.. yes indeed..they are a perfect couple! hehe
we are happy for the updates from ceci mag..we're contented for now... but still..thank you for every single word and updates u made emotional star..super appreciate it..we will continue to support your fanfic..perfect.. :)

Mango19tree () says about chapter 101:
I think Yonghwa will agree with Shinhye. Please continue this fanfiction about this special couple as long as there is evidence that they are still together. YONGSHIN forever and ever...... I really believe that they are a special couple.Thank you, Authornim!

roxieocier () says about chapter 87:
English Translation:

Jung Shin: Good Afternoon! I am Jung Shin (Magandang Hapon! Ako si Jung Shin)
Jong Hyun: I am Jong Hyun (Ako si Jong Hyun)
Yong Hwa: Good Afternoon! I am Yong Hwa (Magandang Hapon! Ako si Yong Hwa)
Min Hyuk: Good Afternoon! I am Min Hyuk (Magandang Hapon! Ako si Min Hyuk)


roxieocier () says about chapter 82:
Hi..I'm your new reader and currently reading "#82 Yong Hwa and Shin Hye's Baeksang 3". I'm really enjoying it. Please update more in the future...Dooley Fighting! Authornim fighting ^___^

laz_15 () says about chapter 101:
I always love the way they were in YAB filming days. Just having real fun with each other. Lol miss those HS Bts, too.
Thanks for the awesome update, chingu. Love it as always. I think Yonghwa will agree, but they can always make lots of clues here and there to show they are still on a relationship. *Winks* Lol
Fighting chingu. :D

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