From Real to Reel Life?


A fanfic that will turn the real moments on Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's life to reel moments...

This fanfic is dedicated to all Dooley Couple/YongShin fans. 

Each chapter will be inspired by every event in Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's life... either together or separately.

This is what my Dooley Heart hopes that could happen during these events.

Like as the fanfic title said this are only reel moments 

Main Characters:

Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa

Other Characters:

Depends on every chapter




Hello Dooley Hearties... This fanfic is for all of us.

If you have any moments or events that you would want me to include in this fanfic, just comment or PM me. I would appreciate it. For the first few chapters, I will write about the CN Blue Storm 2 days concert.

I'll post the first chapter tomorrow...



I do not own the characters of this fanfic. This is all based on my imaginative and creative mind.

The story is written by me “EmotionalStar”. Please do not post this fanfic without my permission. If you post it, please give due credit to me.

Thank you.


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coffeecream #2
Chapter 108: Can't stop and Angel.
ApluSbaBy #3
Chapter 107: Glad to hear that...keep on writing happy to know that,don't give up ok bcuz through this fanfic,my feel for YongShin keep rising up and it makes my hope for them to be together seem to be so real....Also,there is a lot of Dooley shipper and even not a shipper really love your story...we will always and keep support your story...don't give up now Authornim~~~Love you^^))))
marcell_ok #4
Chapter 108: i think cant stop is written by yonghwa for shinhye n recently mv cant stop we see that the storyline like yonghwa's real feeling to shinhye that he can see shinhye but he cant meet shinhye as direct n he try to break the barrier...sorry for my teribble english...something like that..i cant explain in author thanks for your update...
marcell_ok #5
thank you to you authornim who listen your reader to continue this awesome we know yongshin ff is not many as other ff like exo snsd etc so i am very happy that you continue it.n two chapter in a gomawo to you hehe...but this time i am very difficult to post my comment.dont know why...this part full of sweet moment between yongshin so it makes me giggle when i read it...hope in real life both yong or shin can life happily although they are very busy...n hope they always stay author..fighting...
asas17 #6
Chapter 108: i think its Seunghyun who reply her tweet on fnc kingdom day, not Minhwan ^^
MorningStarlight #7
Chapter 108: can't stop... =)
jyhpsh18 #8
Chapter 108: wahhh.thanks for the updates! for me,can't stop,it tells how much he loves shin hye and he can't stop loving her. and diamond girl it describe shin hye as his diamond girl. :))
jcpenalosa #9
Chapter 107: really happy to see new updates! please continue to update us of our yongshin couple! love this couple so much *_*
kevinlhen #10
Chapter 107: done reading..thanks for the update ^_^
ivyivyivy #11
Chapter 108: since yonghwa produced this album..this 2-songs had written ddcated to shinhye and referring w/ both feelings.. 1st is Love is.. i think..he wrote this song based on rumored issues flooded online..abt LMH and PSH..he had encountered bad feelings that's why he wrote love is...
then the Best One is Cant stop..whereas he showed his feelings that he is willing to break the barrier in between..just to show the world that he is inlove with someone named Park Shin Hye.. he is slowly gave hints that shin hye and him are going so well..
"as special and only celebrity friend" kekeke