From Real to Reel Life?


A fanfic that will turn the real moments on Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's life to reel moments...

This fanfic is dedicated to all Dooley Couple/YongShin fans. 

Each chapter will be inspired by every event in Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's life... either together or separately.

This is what my Dooley Heart hopes that could happen during these events.

Like as the fanfic title said this are only reel moments 

Main Characters:

Park Shin Hye and Jung Yong Hwa

Other Characters:

Depends on every chapter




Hello Dooley Hearties... This fanfic is for all of us.

If you have any moments or events that you would want me to include in this fanfic, just comment or PM me. I would appreciate it. For the first few chapters, I will write about the CN Blue Storm 2 days concert.

I'll post the first chapter tomorrow...



I do not own the characters of this fanfic. This is all based on my imaginative and creative mind.

The story is written by me “EmotionalStar”. Please do not post this fanfic without my permission. If you post it, please give due credit to me.

Thank you.


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BlueDooley #2
Chapter 109: ..sorry for the late comment.. my net is down for almost 1 month.. >__ <
pls update!!
bolmaeyongie #3
Chapter 109: Chapter 109 : Authornim, this is the first time I give a comment on here..I really really really love your story about our dooley. thanks a lot for you, who have time to a create beautiful story about them..^^ I tough I begin to believe that there's something between them is when for the first time I found a youtube video of YBT when they tell a story about their first meet. and for those time I begin to ship them as couple. Hihihihi..:D. Please update this story soon..I'll wait for the new chapter..Fighting!!.....^^
huiyong00 #4
Chapter 109: Authornim, thanks a lot for your amazing story!!... I'm addicted to it and can't wait for new chapter, please update it faster... I'm very excited when I found your fanfic that can put YongShin together as we all know it, it's impossible in real life both of them will be in one drama together your story very very much!!<3... Love ' my Mommy!' too, please update that story also!...
TQVM!!! Fighting!!!!....
cheaselkim #5
authornim i am your one of the silent reader so plss... don't delete.. it is your story that enlighten me of dooley and discover of asianfanfics.. at first i don't care because it is just a fanfic.. but when i read it, it makes me a smile eventhough it is just a fanfic, don't care about haters... i always wanted your updates... i always love your stories even it is a fanfic... pls.. don't delete your story
elinaelinaj #6
Chapter 101: dear emotionalstar.... still keep open this ff hoping that any updates from you... please authornim... i need your writing to cheer up for yongshin... miss their love life story from your site...
maly25 #7
Eonni emotional star any update about ur story i mis ur update gomowo eonni im a ofw in kuwait when im reading ur story im happy yongshin dooley couple cnblue always fighting
majasalas #8
Chapter 109: i love your story :) after work i will read this and it makes me happy :) and before i go to sleep i will watch there bts in youtube...i wish the story in this fiction is true :)
Reakempis #9
Chapter 88: I love your story.. After watching heart strings, now I'm watching you are beautiful, when my phone out of battery cause I used it to watch there drama, I used my iPad to read your story.. It's so relaxing, specially I'm a working mom.. Thanx a lot, hoping your stories become real, I really I them together..
Reakempis #10
Chapter 88: Thank you so much.. I really love them both..
laurensiaar #11
Chapter 32: I love your story! Even tough i just read it until chapter 32, but I can't handle myself to stop read. Keep going! *cheers*