The Outcast Club


Do you know what it feels like to be teased, judged, and bullied for just being you? High school junior Han Yura does, and she'd much rather be alone than with a bunch of hypocrites (a.k.a her classmates), or so she says. Things suddenly take a unbelievable turn when she's forced to join the eight members of the heavily 'laughable' HFC, nicknamed 'The Outcast Club", where she realizes that there are many more out there that have it much worse than her.


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Official Title: The Outcast Club
Korean Title: 왕따 클럽
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Friendship
Author: muzikmaster
Note: In order to keep this story as close to a real teenager's point of view, there may be mild (but not frequent) cussing. 
Help-a-Friend Club (HFC) Members
11th Graders (High School Juniors):
Situation: Complicated family, anti-social, infamous for violence
  • Currently a junior in her 11th grade of high school
  • Lives with her cousin (Ken) and little sister (Shinbi)
  • Quiet in class, has a nasty temper
  • Witty and cynical
  • Believes that it is better to be alone than to hang around her 'annoying' and 'fake' classmates
  • Hates school, adolescence and wishes to hurry up and graduate so that she can help her cousin support herself and her sister
  • Has an alternate persona at home than at school
Situation: Used to be a troublemaker and a bully, outcast because of the people he chooses to be around
  • Lives with two nagging but doting parents and a demanding sibling of his own
  • At school, he is constantly labeled with his troublemaker past
  • He became an outcast after realizing that he enjoyed being a caretaker and joined HFC
  • Though his words may be harsh or sarcastic sometimes, he means well and has a soft side to him
  • He is able to relate heavily with Yura due to what she's been through
  • Has a strong sense of justice, and works part-time often
Situation: Past victim of child abuse
  • She sticks with the people she trusts most, and will strongly reject those she doesn't like
  • Pretty and child-like/childish
  • In 11th grade
  • Finds it difficult to control her emotions
  • Because she was abused in the past, she is very sensitive
  • Is very obedient to those she warms up to
  • Branded as a "people-pleaser"


Situation: Has a prosthetic leg
  • Dreamed to be a basketball player before his leg was destroyed
  • Cheerful, down-to-earth, jokingly flirty, quiet in class
  • Very close to J-Hope and Jungkook (who convinced him to join HFC)
  • Humourous and hyper, an overall positive kid


Situation: Mute, can use sign language, but usually uses gestures or writes words down on a dry-erase board to communicate, very shy
  • Slightly mysterious
  • Joined HFC in his 10th year, and is unable to talk for some reason
  • Due to this, he's attentive, very observant, and quiet
  • Very shy towards strangers
  • Not much is known about him, other than the fact that he is neither hated nor liked by his peers
  • Is said to have been extremely loud before he stopped talking
12th Graders (High School Seniors):
Situation: Bullied and constantly teased as he was growing up
  • Protective of his friends, and often helps Haera to be rational when she can't control her emotions (similar to her caretaker)
  • Was the heir to his father's wealthy business, but rejected the idea and left home
  • Founder/President of HFC
  • A pacifist
  • Lives with his current roommate and best friend, Suga
  • Dreams to be a rapper
Situation: Blind, does not have a ual preference
  • Doesn't care about gender, as long as his partner is nice
  • Often pokes fun at his disability just for laughs
  • Many avoid him (especially males) because he is biual, but Jin doesn't let that bring him down
  • He can withstand people making fun of him, but he cannot stand people teasing his friends
  • Very wealthy and lives with his grandmother who supports him
Situation: Past victim of depression, isolation
  • Came to Seoul all the way from Jeolla-do, in the countryside
  • Has a great sense of humour, is the mood-maker of the group
  • Attached to Jimin, as he befriended him, saved him from his depression, and eventually persuaded him to join HFC
  • Forging a nickname for himself, Jung Hoseok became J-Hope, meaning a hopeful existence
Situation: Paralyzed from waist-down, must sit in a wheelchair
  • Prefers not to go into detail about his disability, so not much is known about how he became paralyzed in the first place
  • Dreams to be a rapper along with his best friend, Rapmon
  • Has a kind smile on his face, but surprisingly witty
  • Terrifying when angry
Other Characters:
Han Shinbi
  • Yura's younger sister
  • Very smart, adorable senior kindergartener that hardly whines or complains
  • Is able to sense her sister's feelings
  • Does not know much about her mother, as she was never home for the children
  • Instead, she views Yura, her older sister, as her "mom"
  • Relies on her older cousin, Ken, as a "dad"
Lee Jaehwan (Ken)
  • Shinbi and Yura's older cousin
  • Used to live on his own, but when Yura suddenly decided that she wanted to live with him, he took both her and Shinbi in
  • Her mother allowed for both of them to be under Ken's care up until now
  • Works odd jobs to keep his cousins financially grounded
  • Very affectionate towards his cousins and loves them both dearly, but wishes that Yura could be more social again. 
Help-a-Friend Club Member Roster:
Member Position Joined
1. Kim Namjoon Founder/President since Grade 9
2. Min Yoongi  Co-founder/Vice President since Grade 9
3. Shin Haera Member since Grade 9
4. Jeon Jungkook Head Caretaker since Grade 10
5. Park Jimin Member since Grade 10
6. Kim Seokjin Member since Grade 11
7. Kim Taehyung Member since Grade 10
8. Jung Hoseok Member since Grade 11
9. Han Yura  New Member (Newbie) since Grade 11
A/N: yes I added ken for my own benefit because who doesn't love ken? no one. xD

Hello all!

I'm back once again with a new story revolving around the oh-so amazing Bangtan Boys (BTS)!

The idea from this story actually spurred from a few schools. I've heard of schools having clubs like the one in this story, often called "Buddy Clubs". I thought it was a great idea to incorporate this into a story, as one of my friends helps out in these clubs. Not all teenagers enjoy being a teenager either, and end up locking themselves up sometimes, like Yura, the main character, who doesn't think that anyone other than her sister or cousin, fully understands her feelings, and feels wronged in many ways.

A family member of mine also has a disability, and yet, I've watched her interact with the world in such an amazing way. I'm proud to say that she has also been a big inspiration for this story. 

At first, I wasn't sure if I could pull this off, as I admit I don't know all the details and explanations about some of the situations/conditions the characters in this story have. I apologize in advance if there's an incorrect term or explanation! As this is a fanfic, I'll try to keep the terms easy to understand. I still don't know what direction this story will take, but I hope to give across the message to not only teens, but everyone everywhere, to cherish life and hang in there, even when it gets hard. I know I can relate to some of the feelings these characters have (Yura especially), and I hope you can, too! :)

To end my note, thank you so much to my muzicians (readers), and everyone reading this right now, who have all been a great support. I'm excited, and will do my best to write this story! ^^



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