The Days Without You (Sequel to The First Day I Met You) Completed!

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The Days Without You (Sequel to The First Day I Met You) - main story image


Choi Sooyoung, Lee Donghae, Seo Seohyun, Super Junior, and Girls' Generation/SNSD


He's off to university.....

I'm still in high school........

A day without you is like a day without sunshine........

A day without you is like a fish without water........

A day without you is like an angel without wings........

A day without you is like a heart is missing the other piece beside them........


Here is another story and it's a sequel to "The First Day I Met You" 

Hope you guys will enjoy it! :D




Lee Donghae

- In university

-Having a great time without Sooyoung


Choi Sooyoung

- Sad that Donghae is at university now

- Not able to see him everyday


Seo Seohyun (Seo Joon-Hyun)

- Sooyoung's friend, who's trying to get Sooyoung not to like Donghae anymore but it doesn't seem to work

- Has to face everything hard and sad every single day


Super Junior

-Sooyoung, Donghae, and Seohyun's friends


Girls' Generation/ SNSD

- Sooyoung and Seohyun's friends

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Troy_lover43 () says:
That was really sad but I am happy that Sooyoung and Donghae got together.

Kiseopisababe_98 () says:
I am CRYING right now because it's over But I loved both stories but I can't believe it's the end

XXEXOsxTinkerbellXX () says:

XXEXOsxTinkerbellXX () says:
I love this go SooHae

Kiseopisababe_98 () says:
I really loved this chapter I can't wait to find what's oing to happen to Sooyoung and Donghae

iloveSeoKyu () says:
Poor Kiseop..:-(

shineeluv4eva () says:
Ohh why stop there Update soon please

Troy_lover43 () says:
I really love the part when you made Sooyoung slap Donghae across the face!

fymemine () says:
im sorry- but yeah...

kpop143 () says:
aish..not to be rude or something but i don't like the storyline anymore..i mean, i thought it was all about Donghae and Sooyoung.. i was here because of them..

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