Mama of Exo


Getting Exo as little babies sounds really...weird and sort of disturbing, doesn't it? Well, that is EXACTLY what happened to Julianne Randi (a.k.a.: youthful wolf shield). Her parents are dead, she lived with a of a roommate for a while, then found out her grandmother left her a giant Victorian house! What could go wrong for a twenty-year old girl in a house with an alarm system she can never seem to use correctly, a school who has too many idols to count, and a job that pays too much and is totally easy to do? Well...the title really says it all, ne? ;)



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Julianne (Julie) Randi was only twenty when she was "given" the old Victorian house her grandma had left for her after giving three thousand to a charity before she could get ownership of the house. She's strong, wise for her age, beautiful, and very playful at times. She can't seem to find any man to keep her company as she is too shy to get to know any man, and believes that no man would want a tom boy trying to be a teacher. Living in the country, ten miles on each side of the house, from civilisation, was not a very smart thing, but she loved the huge, old house. It had all she wanted, a huge library, a gym she had installed, her own bedroom with her own bathroom, an office, a beautiful kitchen, living room, and dining room. She even had around sixteen extra rooms! She studied history as her major, but still goes to school to get her teachers degree and business, minoring in music and dance. She knows how to play every instrument, sings (not really good in her perspective), and dances to pass time and get some extra money from doing contests. She gets the babies and slowly grows up with them...helping them with their powers along the way.

This is her:


her sons:






"When they started to end up at my door, I was confused; thinking it was my grandmother's trick by dying before she had to take care of twelve loud - but loving- babies that didn't know right from wrong, up and down, or when to be quiet...but now since knowing and loving them, watching them grow up....I'm happy that they showed up at my door, one or two or even three. If they were all girls, it wouldnt have been much fun. I was happy when I got them, and I still am. They're the best thing that ever happened to me, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world."


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Chapter 32: Please update soon!!!...
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man it would've been cool if i showed up with bts
like bruh 7 boys and 1 girl
anyways it was good
update sooon
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Chapter 31: BAMBAM Alive!!!... Omg please update soon!!!!....
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Chapter 31:
Chapter 31: Woahhhhh I did NOT see that coming! And he's alive?!?!
this is reaaaaally good ! (I hope you're still updating ^_^)
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Chapter 30: I literally cried because I mean imagine it,the EXO members super short and tiny and squishy and stuff just on the verge of tears and their eyes glistening with water!! OMG, I'm heartbroken!!! I swear Julie better get every single one of them back. From Xiumin to Sehun. All 12 of them. Loved the chapter author-nim!! Don't stress about posting a chapter asap. Take your time and make sure you eat and sleep. Fighting~!!
Chapter 30: Girl you better get your sons back! I don't know what's going to happen but those little EXO babies better be okay!