Alien Ahjuma's Seduction Techniques (Sequel to Seducing him in 10 steps)

Jaejoong felt his phone vibrating and he peeked at it under the table.

The only people who would send him a message was DBSK, his parents, and his Alien Ahjuma.

His parents had no business to send him a message when his father was just next to him in the meeting. DBSK knew better than to disturb his meeting.

The only one left was his Alien ahjuma and no meeting was important enough to put off reading her message.

His brows raised slightly when he realised that the message was from an unknown number. *Who?*
He took a sharp intake of breath when he opened the message. It revealed a photo of a couple kissing sweetly.

If it was any other day, he would have scorned at the photo, saying things like "Baby and I kiss much better than that."

But it wasn't any other day. It was the day he saw his girl kissing a guy that wasn't him.

Jaejoong stood up abruptly making the Financial director stop in the middle of giving his financial report. "Jaejoong sshi.." he faltered.

"Jaejoong what are you doing?" Mr Kim frowned unsatisfied. "Sit down immediately we aren't done with the meeting yet."

"But that Zico is done with his life." Jaejoong snarled. He turned to is father, his face murderous and vile. Mr Kim gasped slightly at how horrifying his son looked. He looked even scarier than when they had that argument when he wouldn't accept Eunmi.


Jaejoong stormed out of the meeting room, slamming the door so hard the glass started to shake.

Eunmi walked home with Zico, chatting easily. To her surprise, she saw Jaejoong leaning against her door, his face so terrifying, even she felt scared.

"Joongie?" Eunmi gasped. "Aren't you in a meeting-"

"YOU BASTARD!" Jaejoong pounced on Zico the moment he saw the latter and punched him hard in the chest.

"What the hell?" Zico cursed as he fell on the floor.

But JAejoong wasn't done with him yet. He punched him repeatedly on the chest and stomach, sometimes aiming his face as well. Zico hit him several times as well, and both of them turned out to be wounded and pathetic looking.

"JOONGIE!" Eunmi shrieked and hugged him from behind. "Stop Joongie! What are you doing?"

Jaejoong took a deep breath to calm himself. He really wanted to fling Eunmi off him as well, but even in his anger, his love managed to control that urge.

"Park Eunmi." Jaejoong growled in a low voice. "I never expected a player like me would fall for a nerd."

Eunmi frowned, confused. "I never expected myself to give up so many girls for just one." he continued. "But I did. And I didn't regret it."

"But what I really didn't expect," he turned to face Eunmi with his eyes hard. "is that I WOULD GET CHEATED ON BY THE GIRL I LOVE SO MUCH!"

"Joongie?" Eunmi croaked, trembling. She didn't understand what was happening, but th fact that Jaejoong was yelling at her made her horribly shaken.

"Stop that Kim Jaejoong." Zico snarled. "Don't make accusations. Look at her, she's scared."

"Of course she's scared!" Jaejoong roared. He casted a dirty glance at Zico. "She's guilty!" he roared. "And I finally caught on with this Jiho Oppa business. I'm such a fool."

Eunmi frowned and sniffled. "I don't understand Joongie..."

"She and I are just friends, Jaejoong." Zico siad firmly. "There is nothing to be angry about."

"Oh really." Jaejoong smirked and threw his phone at the guy on the floor. "Then tell me what is this?"

Zico's eyes widened as he recognized the scene from the cafe just minutes ago. Eunmi ran to see what the fuss was about and she gasped. "How did you have this picture Joongie? It was just minutes ago when we were at that cafe.."

"Yes. Just minutes ago that you pranced off with another guy and cheatd on me!" JAejoong roared.

"It's not like that Joongie!" Eunmi shrieked. "The waitress spilled coffee on me and some got on my face so Jiho Oppa was just trying to wipe it off my-"

"DON'T GIVE ME THAT CRAP!" Jaejoong cut her off. He pointed at the picture. "This is the evidence Park Eunmi. How am I supposed to believe you?" he asked, his voice cracking.

"But it's the truth!" Eunmi burst into tears. "Please believe me Joongie.." she tugged at his shirt.

JAejoong looked away coldly. "I really want to believe you.." he said softly. "But it'll take a long time before I can believe you again."

With that, he got into his car and drove off.

"Joongie!" Eunmi yelled, tears staining her face. Zico picked her up and patted her head comfortingly. "we'll solve this Mimi monster. Believe me."


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whiterose12 #1
Chapter 46: Jaejoong! In front of the chauffeur too
sunraise #2
Chapter 46: After reading TDO, I decided to give your Alien Ahjuma story a try since it's tagged under comedy. I especially enjoyed reading this sequel. Gave me some good lol when EM always jots off to see her turtle friends when the whole world is waiting for her haha. Indeed a cute story and a cute couple. Fun read. Thank you Goddess. :)
reshavxx #3
Chapter 46: lovely ending <3 much love from a fan
-2Mirae- #4
Chapter 46: Haha love the ending!!! It was very cute! I'm usually not a big fan of reading sequels but I love reading your sequels
Crazefan4eve #5
Chapter 46: Hahaha the chauffeur was so hilarious at the end! What a cute ending!
sharonsky #6
Chapter 1: I simply love this fic keep it up authornim
[deactivated] #7
Chapter 46: LOL ending huahahahaha
right_queen #8
Chapter 46: Poor chauffeur xD
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Chapter 5: Kyaaaa,,,,,Ppabo eunmi here!!