Step 3

Alien Ahjuma's Seduction Techniques (Sequel to Seducing him in 10 steps)

"You're so ugly! What are you even doing in this school?" one of the guys sneered.

Suhee sniffed and hung her head down. "In return for us tolerating your existence, pay us." another guy demanded.

Suhee frowned. "I don't have money.." she croaked.

The third guy growled. "Just give us money you ugly thing!" he demanded. "Don't make us waste time looking at such an ugly sight! Or we'll hit you!"

Suhee cowered in fear, trembling and shaking.

Jaejoong frowned, rage firing through his body. He hated guys who looked down on others and threatening others. It was despicable.

"Yah what are you doing!" Jaejoong growled as he approached them.

The three guys turned and their eyes widened. "Omo! It's Kim Jaejoong!" they gasped.

"What are you doing?" Jaejoong snarled. The guys waved their hands around in panic. "Nothing! We're going to go now!! Bye!"

They ran off as fast as their puny legs could get them. Jaejoong smirked at their cowardly behavior. "Losers." he muttered.

He turned back at Suhee who was still trembling on the floor. He stood down to her level. "Hey." he said gently. "Don't be afraid. They're gone now."

Suhee forced her eyes opened and they brightened when she saw Jaejoong. She threw her arms round him and hugged him.

Jaejoong's eyes rounded at her casual skinship. *Yah what's this girl doing I'm not even close to her even though I'm supposed to try to be friends with her.*

"Thank you!" Suhee cried.

Jaejoong softened and just let her hug him while his hands laid limply by his sides. "Yeah it's okay. If you meet anymore of those things you can tell me. We're friends okay?"

"Friends?" Suhee sniffled.

Jaejoong nodded. "My baby is your friend so your my friend too." he reasoned. "Unless you don't want to?"

Suhee bit her lips. "I....I was scared of you." she confessed.

Jaejoong pulled her away from him, rather uncomfortable with how long she was hugging her. "It's pretty obvious." he stated.

Suhee reddened. "Mianhe. I was scared cause whenever I see you I'll be reminded of my first kiss." she whispered softly.

Jaejoong blinked. "You mean that day..?" he asked. "That was your first kiss? But it's an accident!" he frowned.

Suhee nodded. "I know but I'm still..." she mumbled.

"I'm a good guy. Won't do anything else with other girls besides my Alien Ahjuma." Jaejoong promised. "I'm not like other guys. I only have one girl."

Suhee nodded and finally smiled. "Then okay. I'll be your friend."

Jaejoong smiled widely. Too widely to be human.


Eunmi was broken from her duties as her phone vibrated. She opened the new message critically.

Step 3: Damsel in distress

Eunmi rolled her eyes and closed the message again. Zico looked at her. "Anything wrong?"

Eunmi shook her head and smiled. "Nothing. Just scam messages that keep spamming my inbox."

Zico nodded and continued with the work, occasionally peeking at Eunmi. B-Bomb nudged his dongsaeng. "Not too obvious my little Hello Kitty~" he whispered.

Zico reddened and turned away from Eunmi completely, cursing himself for being so obvious.

Her phone rang again, only this time, it was a call. "BABYYYYYY!!!" Jaejoong screamed from the other side of the line so loud that the other people in the room could hear.

"Joongie!!" Eunmi cheered.

"Baby you owe me nine kisses!" Jaejoong made kissy noises. "NINE KISSESSSS~~~"

Eunmi gasped. "You and Suhee are friends now?" she smiled brightly. "Really???"

Jaejoong chuckled. "Of course. Who wouldn't want to be Kim Jaejoong's friend?" he asked as if it was the most DUH thing in the world.

"Waaahhh Joongie you're so awesome!" Eunmi squealed.

Jaejoong reddened and was extremely glad that he was on the phone so that Eunki couldn't see his flushing face. "Alien Ahjuma... But you know that if you didn't ask me to do this I wouldn't have talked to other girls right? You're the only one for me!"

Eunmi giggled. "I know." she smiled. "And you're the only one for me too!"

The other people in the room gagged as Eunmi finally ended the call. "Oh god Eunmi Noona. You and Jaejoong sshi are... Ugh.." P.O. shuddered.

Eunmi giggled and she turned to L.Joe and Mihye excitedly. "Joongie and Suhee are friends now!" she squealed as she explained to them what happened.

L.Joe and Mihye exchanged glances. "I don't really like how this new girl manages to get Eunmi's trust so fast and get close to Jaejoong at the same time." L.Joe whispered.

Mihye nodded. "It seems awfully suspicious.."

L.Joe shrugged. "As long as Eunmi is happy and nothing is wrong, I guess it's not much of a problem." he said and they watched as Eunmi danced with the broom.


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whiterose12 #1
Chapter 46: Jaejoong! In front of the chauffeur too
sunraise #2
Chapter 46: After reading TDO, I decided to give your Alien Ahjuma story a try since it's tagged under comedy. I especially enjoyed reading this sequel. Gave me some good lol when EM always jots off to see her turtle friends when the whole world is waiting for her haha. Indeed a cute story and a cute couple. Fun read. Thank you Goddess. :)
reshavxx #3
Chapter 46: lovely ending <3 much love from a fan
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Chapter 46: Haha love the ending!!! It was very cute! I'm usually not a big fan of reading sequels but I love reading your sequels
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Chapter 46: Hahaha the chauffeur was so hilarious at the end! What a cute ending!
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Chapter 1: I simply love this fic keep it up authornim
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Chapter 46: LOL ending huahahahaha
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Chapter 46: Poor chauffeur xD
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Chapter 5: Kyaaaa,,,,,Ppabo eunmi here!!