My Favourite Regret


Through my 18 years of living, I sure do have a lot of regrets.
When I was 5, I regretted playing in the mud because I realized that I was playing with dog poop the whole time.
When I was 8, I regretted stealing my friend's chocolate because then, I took notice of my allergy of nuts and was brought to the hospital.
When I was 12, I regretted cheating in class because in result, I got grounded for the whole month.
When I was 16, I regretted having to date this one girl who ended up dumping me and leaving me heartbroken.
And then, when I turned 18, I have another thing I regretted.
It was my favourite regret, to be honest.

I regretted meeting you because you are capable of wiping all of my pain, destroying my hatred for women and instead, turning me into a selfish person because all I needed now is you and only you.
And it pained me a lot knowing that you aren't feeling the same for me.
But I don't care. I am still going to have you no matter how many times you try to push me away.
Because you, my love, was the person who my heart picked.

And I'm not letting you go so easily.


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Her; Yang Heekyung || Heekyung The Changer « 18 years old »
Him; Byun Baekhyun || Baekhyun
The Chaser « 18 years old »

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STORY TITLE « My Favourite Regret »
MAIN CHARACTERS « OC/Heekyung, Baekhyun »

AUTHOR « jpgmingyu »
DATE STARTED « 2nd June 2014 / Originally 25th March 2014 »
DATE FINISHED « 10th February 2016 »
DATE FEATURED « 20th May 2017 »
STATUS « Completed »
AUTHOR'S NOTE « I know I have so many pending fanfics out there and I know that I've been very busy nowadays but I just can't let this go, alright? Plus, two of my fanfics are going to end in a few chapters so I think I'll have to start this soon. This was actually revived from my other account and I'm going to proceed writing it here. I hope you'll give your support for this fanfic just how you supported my other ones. And just for safety measures, this fic might contain some inappropriate languages and 'stuffs' so read at your own risk! But don't worry, there will no so get your head out of the gutter! Comments, upvotes and subscriptions are loved and appreciated! »

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Can't believe I only found this story now, it's so cute ^^
Chapter 20: Oh my god. This is just too sweet for my heart? i hope there is a sequel after their marriage. Heee? you have done well author-nim. Author-nim jjang?
xaerix #3
Third time reading this and it still hasn't worn out hahaha
Chapter 20: Awww i cant get enough of this story.its my second time reading this.
Chapter 20: Omg it's so goooood!! Wish you could write a epilogue or a sequel xD
SuperKJongin #6
Chapter 20: Wow this story is amazing and so so so cute. I like it! Good job for writing such a very good ff. Thank you so much!!
Sykrh_ #7
good job!!
taetaeyee #9
Chapter 20: Ths fic is amazing! Just.. Wow
Chapter 11: HAHAH OMG I don't get the it that she's saying that cuz she's annoyed or did her irritation cause her to spill the truth that only 4 are his kids