Sweetheart, It's Our Secret!

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CEO Do Kyungsoo measures all human relationships through money, so when he accidentally gets tangled into a scandal with top star Kim Jongin, are his stocks rising or are they actually plummeting? 


Celebrity!AU meets Office!AU 


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Do Kyungsoo should’ve been born as the Devil’s bastard son. 

Too bad he’s 100% human – this is a joke, right? – with red, glorious blood running though his money-making veins. He’s the type of person who aims to be on top at any measures and would use his nonexistent devil-like claws to rip through your skin and see how much you’re worth to him. Kyungsoo trusts no one but himself and thinks that mankind needs desperate help to get their together – like seriously, why in the world are they so stupid to the point of no return? He recently became the CEO of South Korea’s largest mall (“For the prestigious and maybe the desperate,” Kyungsoo quotes as he adjusts his glasses), Enchantment.

Expecting nothing less than success, Kyungsoo decides to let his assistant, Byun Baekhyun, find an attractive, -on-legs model as the Mall’s representative (“Because only the best gets the best,” Kyungsoo’s motto ever since day one of living). This is where you obviously insert Kim Jongin – famously known as Kai – Asia’s -on-legs God.

Ironically, Kai’s probably the only celebrity out there that has the cleanest record in history. Ever since debut, he has never been involved in a single scandal, and that pisses reporter Kim Jongdae of Scandal News on so many levels! Driven by motivation and the idea of becoming the top journalist, Jongdae can consider himself to be Kai’s stalker (“It’s not called stalking, it’s called fishing for money,” Jongdae quotes as he takes multiple pictures of Kai exiting the van).

However, as two different worlds are mixed together, Kyungsoo finds himself getting tangled in the most horrifying and humiliating scandal ever:

Top Star Kai is DATING Enchantment’s CEO, Do Kyungsoo!

“I don’t do idols,” Kyungsoo grunts as he smashes the keyboard, pretending to be an anonymous person on the comment section of the article to deny this ridiculous scandal. 

What’s even worse than this is when Kai shows up in front of Kyungsoo’s doorstep in less than 24 hours since the scandal broke out.

And for sure, all hell breaks loose afterwards.


“Do Kyungsoo is indeed my boyfriend, right Sweetheart?”







 O F F I C I A L || S O U N D T R A C K

Appear by Kim Bum Soo
Best Luck by Chen (EXO)
Love, That One Word by Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)
Something Flutters by Ra.D
I Love You by t Yoon Mi Rae
It's Okay, It's Love by Davichi
Whisper by TaeTiSeo (Girls' Generation)
Love Fiction by Park Kwang Sung (Ulala Session)
It's Strange, With You (Full Session) by Acoustic Collabo
1/2 by Aaron Yan & G.Na
Because I Don't Know Love by Melody Day
Sleepness Night by Crush featuring Punch




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Chapter 44: I...I have missed so much omg!!!! This has been such an amazing journey and ahhhh I love Kyungsoo and Jongin and their relationship and their everything ok this was a great story and I will miss it but I loved every part of it.
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Chapter 44: Finally finished!! I'm pleased with this ending
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Chapter 44: The story is so sweet..i love the journey of their love.. fighting authornim
Chapter 44: do you hear me crying i-
hands down all time favourite book i dont even regret staying up countless nights just to reread this over and over again
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Chapter 44: This is such a great story! I have loved every second of it! I wish it would never end. Thank you so much for your amazing work, author-nim! I'm looking forward to the next update ^^
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Chapter 44: So much went on in this chapter! I'm surprised Kyungsoo's conversation with Jongin about leaving went well. I was expecting for Kyungsoo to pack his bags and leave without letting Jongin know. Except maybe leaving a little note telling him to work hard or something like that.

I like that, before the time jump, Jongin thought to himself he would wait for Kyungsoo to get back from New Zealand. Just like how he'd wait for Kyungsoo to allow Jongin into his heart.

I'm happy that everyone is starting to get their happily ever after in this chapter. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.