The 7th Demon: Forever

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"I will love you forever. Only you can say if I need to stop."



"A place that cannot be touched, a place we cannot be together."

EXO - Moonlight



It’s been a year now, Eun Joo is perfectly living as a normal human without a trace of her being the candidate of being the 7th Demon, without a trace of Byun Baekhyun and the other demons she met.

Ever since that day when she first saw the black wings painted on her wall and words written to it, she can’t help but to always stare at it and wonder…

Who is Byun Baekhyun?

She always try to remember, keeping all the traces left and stitching them all together for a clue but she still can’t get it and even image of this Baekhyun, she can’t even remember. How she hopes, this mystery can be slowly solved.

Having a tiring day after school and her part time job, she jumped onto her bed and stares at the ceiling before turning her head to the wall and stares at the black wings painted on the wall. When Eun Joo feels down, she will always go there and just end up crying again and she doesn’t even know the reason why, but on the other side of it, she can feel warmth, staring longer at it, she’s starting to smile softly.

Whenever she reads the message, she keeps on repeating his name. “Byun… Baekhyun?” she questioned.


Her eyes widened when she heard a voice of a guy. 


Littlepenguins' Note First of all I want to thank infiniteyandbeyond of  simplygraphics for my poster and background. Please do visit them if you want to request poster of background. ^^ Second, this is going to be like a special chapter or an extra chapter more information will be added soon. This is going to be a one-shot. Third, please wait petiently for my next Author's Note that will be posted the same time as the one-shot. Thank you very much again my dear readers~ ^^





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