Not A Stranger Anymore

Married To A Stranger (Gi Kwang)

“Where do you think you’re going?”- Asked Gi Kwang as you were about to walk out of the bedroom. Gi Kwang was climbing the stairs with a tray of fruits for you.


“Downstairs I‘m bored. I can’t stand being in bed all day.”– You said in a whining tone.


“No, missy you are getting back into that boring bed.”– He said as he made you turn around and walk back into the bedroom.


“Why?”– You asked whining yet again while you seemed like a child as you shook your whole body and stomped on the floor as you shuffled reluctantly back to the bed.


Gi Kwang laughed – “Because you are still in a delicate state. I want you to be a hundred percent well before you get out of bed. Remember you are having our baby and were recently injured.”


“I’m going to die of boredom and then you won’t have either me or the baby. You try staying in bed alone all day see if you don’t get bored.”-You muttered rolling your eyes as you sat down and crossed your arms over your chest pouting.


“Oh my god you look so cute pouting!”– Gi Kwang said as he kissed your pouty lips.


“Yah! I’m mad at you! Don’t kiss me!”– You said as you pushed him away.


“Aww come on sweetie don’t be like that…”- He tried kissing you again and again you pushed him away this time holding on to his hair with a vengeance and pulling hard. – “Ahh! Baby…ok, ok. Please let go of the hair…”- You pulled harder and he yelped again. –“Ahh! Babe, babe you win ok? How about I carry you downstairs and we watch a movie?”


You lessened your grip on his hair and looked at him suspiciously – “Really?”


“Yeah. Wanna do that?” – He asked with his hands up defensively reaching for his hair. Slowly he uncurled your fingers and you finally let go. – “Is that ok with you?”


“Mmm”– You hummed like a small child with a pout nodding your head once.


“Oh my god how can you be so cute and annoying at the same time?”– He said smiling. - Eat your fruit first and then I'll take you downstairs." - You reluctantly obeyed and when you were done he reached for you and lifted you from the bed. You smacked him on the shoulder remembering his comment earlier and got riled up again.


“Yah! I’m not annoying, you are. You are nagging too much. I’m not fragile.”– You said rolling your eyes. – “I’m not going to break you can stop feeling guilty Gi Kwang. It wasn’t your fault.”


“Still. I can’t help but feel I need to be overprotective now. Remember your assailant is still somewhere out there.” – He said in a serious tone and he walked down the stairs carefully.


Settling you down on the sofa then turn and put on the movie paused it and said – “Gonna get some popcorn ok?”


You nodded and once he left you wickedly smiled and eventually started giggling. You had him doing what you wanted. You started thinking what else you could make him do but before you could make any plans he was slumping beside you with a huge bowl of popcorn. – “All that for us?”


“No, it’s more for you than me. You have been eating so much in the past few days you have no idea.”– He said shaking his head.


“I have? Really?”- You hadn’t even noticed and now you were embarrassed. It was appalling just the thought of you eating more than you’re used to, was enough to make you hate yourself. You sighed and leaned back on the sofa and began sulking.


“What’s wrong?”– He asked frowning as he saw you looking dazed and sad.


You shook your head and said. – “Nothing. Just play the movie.”Does this mean I’m going to get as fat a whale? Ugh why does pregnancy have to be this way? You sighed. You tried putting your attention into the movie but the thought of Gi Kwang realizing you ate more than him was depressing you. Why am I being so obsessed about it? It’s not like it’s going to last forever. You were so distracted you couldn’t concentrate on the movie. Gi kwang noticed this pausing the movie again he turned to you.


“Babe you look beautiful. Don’t worry so much about eating. You have to do it for our baby. Think about it that way. You look amazing. I swear.”– I added the last part as you looked at him skeptically. – “Oh what am I going to do with you? I have a feeling this part of our lives is going to be very memorable.” – Putting the bowl of popcorn on the table he chuckled as he reached over and dragged you into his arms. Lifting your chin up with his fingers he looked into your eyes and whispered. –“I promise you that even now I want to make love to you…but I don’t dare touch you because I feel I might hurt you.”  – He then gently kissed your lips then deepened it as you s your arms around his neck. Breaking the kiss for air you touched his lips. Your heart had skipped a beat he said lovemaking not . Does this mean he actually did love me?  You shook your head slightly. It doesn’t mean anything…right?


“Then please make love to me now. I need you Gi Kwang.”– You said as you his lips. You didn’t want to think about it anymore you just wanted him – “I promise you won’t hurt me.” – And once again met his lips with yours.


Gi Kwang tried holding back but the way you were kissing him and caressing his neck with a feather like touch made him lose whatever restraint he had. His kiss became passion infused he didn’t hold back as he laid you back on to the sofa. His hand trailed down your ribcage, onto your hip and back up to cup your right .  Your breath hitched in your throat as you bit back a and pressed yourself closer to him.


He left your lips and you whimpered in protest as he kissed your cheek then your neck and then began nipping at your most sensitive spot on your neck. Not being able to hold back your s you emitted a low one as he nipped, and on your skin.


“Are you sure you can handle this?”– He asked hesitantly.


“I’m very sure”– You muttered as you push him off and he fell on the floor with a half yelp. You immediately slid off the sofa and straddle Gi Kwang surprising him.


Leaning down you ripped open his shirt making buttons fly everywhere. – “Babe, take it easy. We have all the time in the world.”


“But I missed this. We haven’t done this for a week and a half. I think being pregnant makes me feel very because I want to do this so bad.”– You said leaning down and Gi Kwang’s s. He immediately went mute and his hands gripped your shoulder firmly as he gasped in pleasure. – “I have this urge to all of you.”


Gi Kwang groaned as he up into your hips. – “ I’m going crazy. Don’t say things like that and then tease me. I feel like I’m going to explode.” – He wheezed out of breath. You ignored him and kept down his chest and onto his hard rock abs tracing every single one of them with your tongue.


“Mmm you taste really good Kiki…”- You bit at his hipbone making him in a sharp breath and jerk his hips. You released the button of his jeans and slid them agonizingly slow and Gi Kwang took it upon himself to hurry the process of becoming . Pushing him back down you held on to his hips and you noticed his hard weeping length standing proud inches from your lips. You let your tongue slip between your lips at the tip of making Gi Kwang hiss as he threw his head back in pleasure.


You again slowly. Lowering your head you then at the base of his and up to the tip enveloping his whole length in one swift movement and making him let out a strangled .  You moved your head slowly swirling your tongue around his length at the same time driving him into insanity he ed as he gripped your head gently and moved you a bit faster. – “Faster.” - He whispered breathlessly.


You moved faster harder with every bob of your head. Ripping after from Gi Kwang. This made your nether rigion pulse with desire, made you wetter. Releasing him with a pop you stood up as he groaned unsatisfied and slowly began to undress as his lustful and hungry gaze followed your every move.


He tried to sit up but you pushed him down with your foot – “Uh-uh stay right there.” – You said huskily. By the time you were Gi Kwang was panting and was pumping his length looking at your body. You moved and putting a foot on each side of his body then kneeling very slowly as you looked at him in the eyes slowly lowered yourself onto his throbbing . As you felt him fill you up you threw your head back and sighed in pleasure.


Closing your eyes you rolled your head forword and ily opened your eyes to look at him. He was biting his lips straining to not move waiting for you to be the one to do it. You smiled wickedly and leaning forward his lips he quickly captured yours and pulled you into his kiss.


You just remained still kissing him while your heart beat wildly in your chest. You were actually scared but wanted to keep your calm façade so he would think you were in complete control. This feeling was so intense it actually made you feel like he really loved you but you weren’t about to jump to conclusions even if you had been told that he does. You wanted him to tell you. Then you would really believe it until then you would express how you feel through your lovemaking. You rose up on your knees and lowered yourself onto him over and over until you were bouncing on him.


His hands had reached over and slid over your abdomen and rested on your as he squeezed gently and rubbed your s. You were ing louder with each movement you made. He then grabbed you around the waist and flipping you he laid half your body onto the sofa he entered you from behind he pounded hard and fast. He was saying incoherent words, he seemed delirious with the pleasure of your heat squeezing and surrounding his length.


You were close so when you felt the warm pooling and tension that was so familiar to you, you reached behind and gripping onto Gi Kwang’s hips urged him to go faster and deeper as you pushed back to meet his s. Then the tension was released as you whimpered and sobbed his name as you came.


He was not far so a few seconds after your release came he tensed and ed your name loudly as he spilled his seed into you. He into you a few more times before sighing and leaning over your back giving you small openmouthed kisses all over it. – “God you drive me crazy” – You turned your head and smiled.


“You drive me crazy too but with all your nagging”– And then you began to laugh out loud as he began to punish you with his fingers digging into your sides as he tickled you.


“Why your little witch! You are going to pay.”– He laughed as he continued to tickle you.


“Stop! Oh my god, stop I can’t breathe!”– You whined out of breath.


“Are you going to apologize?”– He paused momentarily as he looked at you with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.


“Yes, but later. Let’s see that movie. Please?” – He shook his head.


“Now you want to see the movie…That’s why I nag.”– You both started laughing.


“Well you made my boredom go away. Now I want to see the movie so we can go play some more in the bedroom afterwards.”– You said playfully.


“Sounds like a good idea. Ok, let’s watch the movie.”- He said as the both of you put on your underwear then cuddled on the sofa and began to watch the movie. You were content for this actually felt like you were in love. You felt like you were a real couple that you weren’t married to a stranger anymore. You sighed happily as you laid your head on his shoulder.




There an update and with . This is my apology for taking so long to update I'm really sorry I just got a little lazy and well I wanted to entertain myself with some episodes of Family Outing 2. I needed a break like really but I just kept feeling so bad for not updating so here it is I hope is good enough for you guys! Mianhae!


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Ohsnapitsnina #1
I remember reading this 3 years ago! Sophomore year in HS!!! I rereading this again and it brings back many memories.
Sherry_55 #2
Omg, I just read "How to tame a foreigner" and didn't know u were the mastermind behind this masterpiece of fanfic as well that I've read about 2 years ago and still reread it! I absolutely love your writing style and stories! Keep it up, author nim! ^-^
Shyheart14 #3
Chapter 40: Awesome story!
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Chapter 40: Wow! Great story. Love the ending especially
Chapter 40: I finished thus fic in a period of 2 days and I simply fell in love with it...
kpopsaranghe #6
Chapter 40: I seriously thought that the guy that bumped into her was gonna end up dating Chinhae.. Aww... So dissapointed.. LOL JK. But seriously tho.. Ahahaha. THIS FIC WAS SO FLUFFY AND CUTE AND UGHHHHHHH. I LOVE YOUUUUUHH THANK YOU FOR WRITING SUCH LOVELY-NESS
infinitecrazy #7
Gosh,this story is amazing!!!!This is the 4th time I've read this story.Good job geminidragon!!
Overdose_Kpopers #8
Chapter 40: Oh my. This fanfic is DAEBAK! Kikwanggie is sweet.
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Simply amazing! I truly love this story & your writing style!:)