a semi, kinda, sorta fairytale



title: a semi, kinda, sorta fairytale


pairing: baekhyun/chanyeol


rating: pg


genre: romance, au


length: multishot


warning: the usual cliche and dumb, and then more dumb




Where Park Chanyeol is a modern day prince looking for his true love and Byun Baekhyun isn't exactly Cinderella. Also, there are no magical pumpkins or a fairy godmother here but there may be a talking mouse.




 art by @YeolmeoBaekliet. Thanks so much bb ;;
cover and bg by @overlord_nim. ily ♥♥♥


author's note:


- written for my baby baek's bday \o//// i love you and thank you for all the pain and tears you bring everyone.

- also dedicated to overlord_nim because she is awesomest. i'm sorry though i wanted to write a better one but me is dumb. ;;

- you'll read this and end up wanting to throw something at me for the waste of time i'm about to subject you to. lol

- /burns self/ bye.



PSSS decided to post this in multiple parts.. ugh.. had to rewrite some parts bec of recent events.. hopes this makes some ppl smile even a little. 

otl sorry for the delay im going to finish this now o

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14 streak #1
Chapter 5: and I totally predicted that too.. so YAYY!!! Love the ending.. jjang author nim <3
14 streak #2
Chapter 4: to be honest... i thought that necklace did not belong to baek from the beginning
14 streak #3
Chapter 3: Ur such an idiot Yeol.. how can u not see that u love him!!
14 streak #4
Chapter 2: I feel the tension growing i my stomach >_<
Luc4sLuke 14 streak #5
Chapter 5: loved this story, so cute.
Chapter 5: What an idiot park
happyabc #7
Chapter 5: Just the perfect story to make me believe in Christmas magic again! Thank you.
Chapter 5: I always cry no matter how many times I've read this. It's just too beautiful ;;;
Chapter 5: I have read this countless times, and here i am, CRYING
ilovesuhoandchorong #10
Chapter 5: This was so fun to read. I loved it. Great job.