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A Nerd Meets Kingka


Hello!! I am a new writer! i am inspired by many writers to write a story! Please forgive me for my bad grammer and english! i'm not very good in english! Hope you guys will enjoy it! MUAKS~~ 


what will happen when a innocent nerdy girl meet a guy who is a kingka ?!

Will they fall in love? Or will they fall apart?

Is it gonna be a happy ending? or a sad ending? 


Introduce to the characters : 

Kim Seoyeon(fic)

Age : 19 

Height : 168cm

A nerdy and smart girl.

In school, students keep on bully her. 

In house, she have a abusing dad

Have a very pretty face and great body but tend to hide it in order to not attract attentions


IU (Kim Seoyeon's only friend/neighbour)














-Age ; 18

-Height : 163cm

-In different school from Kim Seoyeon

-Been Kim Seoyeon's friend since high school

-Very nice and kind-hearted

-Act as a big sister to Kim Seoyeon

-Kim Seoyeon's neighbour

-Can be very fierce when people bully her love ones


BIGBANG(gang and kingkas) : 

Choi Seung Hyun (TOP)















-Age : 19 

-Height : 181cm

-One of the kingkas of the school

-Has a mum who tries to control him and a very busy dad

-Loves to rap and beatbox


Kwon Ji Yong (G-dragon)

















-Age : 19

-Height : 177cm

-One of the kingkas of the school

-A player but when it come to having a relationship, he is very serious

-A gentleman

-Are sweet to his close ones


Dong YoungBae (Taeyang)















-Age : 19

-Height : 172cm

-One of the kingkas of the school

-Likes to flirt with girls just to have fun

-Nicest person in the gang

-A person who thinks alot

-Love to dances


Kang Daesung (D-lite)
















-Age : 18

-Height : 173cm

-Very funny 

-Have a very warm smile

-Flirts around with girls

-Have a very nice vocal


Lee Seung Hyun (Seungri)





















-Age : 17

-Height : 174cm

-Maknae of the gang

-Likes to flirt with girls alot

-The naughty one in the gang

-Have a very loud voice


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aLphFR #1
Chapter 34: a very light story to subscribe anw^^~
Kpopkpoppop #2
Chapter 34: hope you update soon luvin the story
Angehollicexoiu #3
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JBL511 #4
Chapter 34: yessshhh u finally update and I finally found a chance to read this. SMILE :)
JBL511 #5
Chapter 33: Lady, you own me a new chapter to this story!!!!
JBL511 #6
When u going to update this storyyyyyyyy??!?!?!??!?! <_>
TheNightDeer #7
this is good^^
InTheNameOf_KPop #8
Chapter 33: what will IU say ! oh please!
athenacahill #9
Chapter 32: interesting so when you going to update?
Unknown-J-B-L #10
Chapter 32: you say u will update a new chapter in 2 week where it at