Lee Eunhyuk, Marry Me or Die!

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What happens when you have no other choice but to GRAB someone to marry and pretend you love him/her just to satisfy you Appa’s wishes? AND that someone happened to be the pizza boy who doorbelled into your mansion in the middle of a commotion between your dad and you?

Then the next thing you know, you had already fallen for that person. And you will literally KILL to protect him/her.


Little Lee Donghae had always been trained to kill and to survive ever since he was just 3. The MyeonHwa group, the most prestigious agency in South Korea had recently been caught up by a major problem – the chairman, his dad, is dying, and the heir, Lee Donghae is just as stubborn as ever. Who the hell will continue the production of the company? Especially when Donghae had no family yet, and no girl friend (maybe because of his attitude, who knows)? Well, Lee Sungmin, his smarter younger brother could be the heir, except it was against the rules.

At the first day of the month when Donghae learnt of his dad’s wish, he became more rebellious, clueless of his father’s near death. One night, when the agency held a press conference in their unbelievably huge mansion in Seoul, Donghae was pressured to look for someone who would serve as his ‘fiance’ just to satisfy the old man. Donghae reached his limits and tried to call her girl space friends, but no one would agree to his offer. Then the doorbell magically vibrated, and a handsome pizza delivered boy greeted him. He literally grabbed him and presented him to the press, all shocked, most especially the delivery boy, Lee Eunhyuk.


Donghae had just bribed him that if we will not marry him, he will die.

Tsk tsk tsk, Donghae. You might fall for him. Be careful~









Lee Donghae, the pressured and stubborn heir and son of the MyeonHwa group, headed by his strict and sick Appa. Age: 18; But looks: 15; Height: 5”8; Specs: Average weight, hotness obvious all over his body, dark handsome hair, angelic face. Emotional Specs: Stubborn, rebellious, sometimes boastful, reserved, and ill-tempered. You might just want to keep your distance if you don’t wanna die young. Don’t get fooled.


Lee Eunhyuk, a  170-IQ minded high school student, has a part time job as a waiter in a fast food chain to support his little brother, Lee Gi Kwang. Age: 17; But looks: 16; Height: 5”7.5; Specs: Average weight, cute in all aspects, blonde hair that never gets out of place, undeniably perfect jaw line, irresistible kissable swollen lips. Emotional Specs: Extremely kind, thoughtful, would likely to pass your qualifications of a perfect husband (and/or wifey). He may seem naïve, but be careful, his wits will bury you alive. Keep your distance as well.



Lee Sungmin, the cunning younger brother of Lee Donghae. Very talented – can play music, can sing music, can dance music, can perform martial arts, and many more. Gets into trouble often. His face never gets old. Age: 17; But looks: 14; Height: 5”8; Specs: Average weight, certainly adorable, sweet, innocent-looking, sparkling eyes, messy hair. Emotional Specs: Very cunning, someone you’d likely to call for help if you want to get your oh-so-sweet revenge from someone. You might not want to cross this kid if you don’t want his nunchuks be tied around your neck. Oh, and by the way, he loves sleeping.


Cho Kyuhyun, the best friend of mysterious Lee Eunhyuk. Always by his side, his confidante, partners in crime, and etc. Surely naughty at times. Loves games. Also a part time waiter with Eunhyuk. Rich and looks like an owner of a cybergame agency. Age: 17; But looks: 16; Height: 6"; Specs: Average weight, dark brown hair, good-looking, straight, white teeth. Emotional Specs: cunning as well, enjoys teasing, and does naughty things BUT never gets caught. Beware of his smile.


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Chapter 21: oh :(
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