Namsoon and Heungsoo are best friends. Namsoon is in love with Heungsoo. Heungsoo is crazy smart but that's the only thing he's oblivious about. What's going to happen when Heungsoo traps Namsoon in a questionable situation?


Hi everyone! So this is my first ever heungsoon fic! I already read alot of fics and thought that my time has finally come to write one too. I know I have other ongoing fics but I just couldn't stop myself from writing this xD

My inspiration came from the movie ' The Proposal' but majority of the storyline will be twisted and created by the works of my mind.

I hope that this story will be awesome enough for all your standards! :D

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Disclaimer : I am the owner of this story and I have created this storyline completely by myself so if there are any similarities among other stories then it is simply pure coincidence.The same situation goes for the poster as well since I created it by myself too.

All chapters are currently being edited so apologies for any glitches!

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violet321 15 streak 0 points #1
Chapter 28: Im looking forward to the next update ^^
aaliah #2
Chapter 28: Awwww they're too sweet i swear >///<
i just hoped that we can see how they spend their night hehehehe
aaliah #3
Chapter 27: YAH... why there are always someone to cut their sweet moment :((((
anyways i'm just glad that finally they're together :)
Thank and Happy New Year !!!
Chapter 28: Haejin-ah...don't make Heungsoo angry... XD
15 streak #5
Chapter 28: Everything went well .. heungsoo realizes he's been loving namsoon for a long time now. and now they are really couple. I love to see jealous heungsoo. and there is haejin here .. lol.
Chapter 28: haejin returns lol can't wait to see heungsoo's reaction
Chapter 27: Ahh who is the intruder.. Can't wait to read more
Chapter 27: Heungsoo's mother, isn't? :-0
Chapter 27: YASSSS thank you lord for the update
Chapter 26: Just found out this story and I am so in love with it. I I will be patiently waiting for the update