Our Territory


Tao is a lone wolf, who prefers to stay alone and hunt for himself, rather than joining a group.

All the above needs to be put into past tense.

Because it all changes when Tao forgets the most important rule of wolf packs.


yay wolves

I'm very inexperienced with this kinda stuff so excuse my awful skills

I just think Taoris is an awesome wolf couple okay and I need it more than ever

plus I need to get all these awful ideas out of my head and I decided to start with this

(See blog post http://www.asianfanfics.com/blog/view/826593)


IDK if these are warnings but wolf!au |  | pwp knotting (not sure about this one) |

so just enjoy it, I guess?


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-silent #2
Chapter 1: Holy I---
ExoticKitty2000 #3
Chapter 1: Sequel??? ;-; *buing buing*
YeollieRancher #4
Chapter 1: barfing rainbows because this is so cute, help-
Fauxinnocence #5
Chapter 1: Sequel please please please please PLEASE!!!!!!!!
Mann you have a way with words I really enjoyed this!
Never stop writing!!!!!
TaoRisHunHan #6
Chapter 1: o(>///<)o!! Author-nim!!
i want a Sequel!!
MissBunnyGyu #7
Chapter 1: XD that's what we call love at first sight!
though I feel like Tao gave up too fast
but it was very good ^^
*thumb up*
ailisu #8
Chapter 1: D'AWW TAORIS FEELS!! <3
that was so cute ;A;
and i love how its just gonna be tao-tao for now on :33
AniDarckSugaR #9
Chapter 1: Awww that was so cute, really x3
TOPlover12 #10
Chapter 1: it was done perfectly :) would have been better if Tao said no and Kris ended up chasing after Tao trying to gain his affection but thats just my taste.

^_^ either way it was great~