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Yesung's girlfriend xD

_____’s POV

Oh gosh. I can’t believe it. It’s been 3 months. Next week Super Junior will come back here again. I can’t believe it. HAHA. Kyuhyun Oppah greeted me on t.v with a special sign. That was so sweet of him. They were performing No Other and he shouted my name. He told everyone that I was his non related Dongsaeng. That is so sweet. Kyuhyun Oppah is a very sweet man.

Anyway so I was saying, It’s been 3 months and I still don’t have a clue about our school so today, Me and Minkyu Oppah are going out to buy some school stuffs and go check out our school and he will also buy me a new cell phone . Oh, and I still haven’t talk to Yesung Oppah after the incident. I get so shy whenever I see Minkyu oppah talking with him over the phone.

Maybe I will just apologize whenever I have time so that I could apologize to him face to face. “ _____-sshi, are you ready?” Minkyu oppah asked me. “ yes” I replied as I went downstairs from my room. “ let’s get going” He said. “ where are we going first Oppah?” I asked him. “ we’ll go to school first, We should really be enrolling right now.” He answered. “ okay~ “ I told him.

We went to the school, “i hakkyoga neomu geoseo” [ means THIS SCHOOL IS SO BIG ] I said as I faced Minkyu Oppah. “ don’t be scared ____ donsaeng.” Minkyu Oppah told me. “ yah. I only said that this school is big, I didn’t say I’m scared” I defended. “ haha. Okay dongsaeng, I believe you” Minkyu said. “ are you gonna start a fight here? Do you want them to see you with bruises?” I told him. “ Omo, it’s Minkyu and ____-sshi” a man behind us said. I turned around and saw Eunhyuk with the other Super Junior walking towards us. “ Yah, Minkyu Oppah, why didn’t you tell me they were here?” I asked him with a whisper. 

“ surprised? Well, they just arrived here in Korea yesterday. I was waiting for them to enroll in this school so that we could all be in the same classes.” Minkyu said. “ naneun-yo? [ means WHAT ABOUT ME?] I asked. “ well, haeng-un ___-sshi”Minyu said [ haeng-un means GOODLUCK ]. Omo, I can see Yesung Oppah. He’s coming near me. What am I gonna do?

END OF _____’s POV

Yesung saw _____ with Minkyu. Yesung quickly walked towards _____. “ Can I talk to you?” Yesung said as he held ____’s hands. ___ blushed. “ Uhm. Okay sure” ____ said while looking down. The others didn’t notice that ____ and Yesung left to talk although Kyuhyun did notice it. He just pretended that he didn’t.

Yesung’s POV

Oh gosh. It’s been a while since I talked with ____. I hope she doesn’t ignore me. Just then, while we were walking Eunhyuk yelled ““ Omo, it’s Minkyu and ____-sshi” . My heart quickly skipped a beat. Why am I feeling this way? Do I.. do I love ____ ? . Oh gosh. It can’t be. I don’t want to hurt ____. But I have to talk to her first. I quickly got to her, I don’t know how and why but I was so quick. 

I asked her If I could talk to her and she said yes. We went somewhere behind the others so that I could talk to her alone. “ annyeong ____-sshi, it’s been a while. “ I started. “ Yesung Oppah, I want to say mianhaeyo” She said. “ annio, I should be the one saying sorry. I didn’t mean to say something bad to you, I was just so tensed back then, I didn’t even know what to do. I’m sorry” I continued. 

“ No, gwaenchanha [ means IT’S OKAY] Oppah. I’m not mad anymore” ____ said. “ uhm Oppah can I uhm” ___ said. “ige mwoyeyo?” [means WHAT IS IT?] I asked ____. “ no.. nothing. Forget about it” ____ said. “ Can I hug you ____-sshi. I just missed you so much” I asked her. Omo, what is she gonna say? I felt so stupid asking her that question but then, she smiled and nodded. “ Yes Oppah, Bogoshipo” ___ said. [ bogoshipo means I MISS YOU ] then I hugged her tightly. I didn’t know Minkyu and the rest of Super Junior were watching us. “ HAHA. I got it on my phone” Kangin said as he was in a position of taking a picture of me and ____.

But I didn’t care. I really missed ____. Then I let go of her. I felt bad. I don’t wanna end the hug but I have to. I don’t know this feeling. Am I falling for ____?
“ Le.. let’s go ..n.nnow “ ___ said. She must really like me. Well, I am glad that she does because I like her too. I admit it. I do love ____-sshi.

End of Yesung’s POV


Then, they enrolled to their classes. ____ and Yesung are classmates on 3 subjects . Yesung and ___ were both glad but they didn’t show it to each other. Then they proceeded to buy _____’s Cellphone while the rest were buying school stuffs. “ Yesung and ____-sshi, you 2 go and buy your cellphone, we will buy your things” Eeteuk said as they left ____ and Yesung. “ I think they’re setting us up” Both Yesung and ____ said. They both giggled after they heard each other say the same thing.

_____’s POV

Omo, we’re walking together. People are staring. I feel so embarrased. “ yeah I know, people are staring” Yesung Oppah said. I think he knew what I was thinking . “ oh, why are you here?. “ Yesung Oppah said. I looked at who he was talking. It was a girl. “ Annyeonh Yesung Oppah. I missed you so much. Do you wanna go with me?” the girl asked. “ No, Yoona. I’m with ___ today.” Yesung said trying to keep it cool. Maybe she’s his ex girlfriend? The one Kyuhyun oppah was talking about. “ A.. annio. Gwaenchana Yesung Oppah, you can go with her if you want to “ I said.

Then the girl looked at me. “ No, ____-sshi. I want to be with you.” Yesung Oppah said. Oh gosh. My heart was pounding like crazy. Am I dreaming? Did Yesung Oppah really said he wanted to be with me?..

“ why? What happened to the two of us? Don’t you love me anymore?” Yoona asked. “ That was the past. You remembered right? You were even the one who wanted to break up” Yesung Oppah was getting red. Maybe he was angry. 

“ YAH. Is it because of this girl???” Yoona said as she pointed at me. “ yah. Why are you pointing at me? Huh? Did I do anything to you?” I asked her. Sheesh. What is her problem.

“ ___-sshi, don’t mind her. Let’s go now” Yesung said as he smiled at me and held my hands [ again ~~~ ] and we walked away. Yoona caught my other arm and pulled me. “ You will pay for what you’ve done” She said. 

“ Oh yeah? Try me. You don’t know me so don’t be so sure.” I said as I looked at her. “ Yah, ____-sshi. Let’s go now okay? Don’t talk to strangers.” Yesung said as he looked at Yoona. Yoona smirked. “ I’m not afraid of her Oppah.” I said as me and Yesung Oppah walked away from her. “ You don’t know her ___-sshi” Yesung said. 

END OF ____’s POV

End of chapter. xD sorry for Using SNSD for those SNSD fans .. haha
I just wanted you guys to have a clue on how Yesung’s girlfriend looks like in this fanfic. I don’t mean to discriminate them cause I really don’t know much about them . so Anyway…. COMMENT PLEASE. I REALLY NEED IT. specially if you’re a new reader.  I wanna thank you all for reading my fanfic :) comments please :D:D:D:D


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