“Who told you to walk into their territory, you know how dangerous it is! Doesn’t matter if you’re the big bad wolf, you ought to be careful!” Jabbing the alcoholic cotton ball into the wound, Yixing chides, and Luhan hisses, the pain from the cut on his chest passing currents through his body.

“Yixing, the one ought to be careful is you, be a bit gentle would you.” Through gritted teeth Luhan seethes, and Yixing scoffs, halting his movement to look down at his mate.

“I should be anything but gentle with you, despite me telling you not to go there, you keep doing just that, coming back with a bunch of other wounds for me to heal!” He scolds, sealing the wound with a bandage.

Luhan curls his fingers around the wrist belonging to the hand right above his heart, his grip tightening as reds of fury flash across his eyes.

“I’m the alpha here Yixing, and I demand respect, I don’t need a lecture from my mate.” He says, barely contained anger lacing his tone.

Glimpses of an icy violet flare through the brunette’s eyes, trying to keeps himself from blowing up on the alpha, aware of the consequences, he tries another attempt to get through to his superior.

Unwrapping the death grip around his wrist, ignoring the bruise, he intertwines their fingers, caressing Luhan’s tensed jaw with his other hand.

Han, I just want you to be careful, it really hurts me a lot to see you in pain.” He tucks his head, feeling the hurt in his chest, images of Luhan soaking in blood, eyes shut in agony, play across his mind, making him wince.

Luhan sighs, bringing his mate closer by the waist, feeling his anger wash away at the younger’s sincere concern.

“Even the pups get worried, they always ask me if baba can play with them, and I have to turn them down because you’re still healing.” He speaks softly, thinking of his children’s dejected faces.

Luhan brings Yixing onto his lap, his palm covering the dimpled cheek lovingly, and looks into the golden brown eyes, gently kissing the pouty red lips he adores.

They both savor the kiss, Luhan swears more than half of his pain goes away, and when they part, he smiles, tracing a thumb over the pink dusting the brunette’s cheeks.

“I’m sorry baobei, I’ll be careful next time.” He whispers and Yixing looks at him uncertainly.

“You promise?” He asks, and Luhan chuckles, pecking the addictively sweet lips.

“I promise.” He nuzzles his nose with the younger, earning an ear full of soft giggles.

There’s rasping at the door before four little heads peek in.

“Mama, baba, can we come inside?” Their four year-old, Kyungsoo asks, but before they could give an answer, their most impatient, Tao pushes in, Kyungsoo stumbles behind with the two, one year-olds  Kai and Sehun, crawling behind.

Tao climbs the bed and plops himself next to his baba as Kyungsoo snuggles into his mama’s side, who had, to Luhan’s annoyance, left his lap and sat next to him instead.

Sehun and Kai didn’t even bother to stop in front of their father, opting to sit in front of their mama with their short arms extended out in a silent plea to hold them, and Yixing does just that, laughing at the alpha’s scowl.

“I swear they love you more than me.” Ruffling Sehun’s hair, he states.

“That’s because you’re barely ever home.” Yixing retorts, with no actual bite in his words, and Luhan nods, glancing at Kai who had a thumb in his mouth, and eyes closed, somewhere deep in dreamland.

“How does he fall asleep everywhere?” He chuckles, turning to Tao who kept tugging at his arms.

“What is it  Taozi?”

Tao smiles giddily.

“Will you play with us baba?”

“Yeah! Will you play with us?” Wide eyes peek at him from around Yixing, but before he can answer, Yixing does it for him.

“Baba’s resting right now, he’s really tired from the hunt, so he’ll play with you guys tomorrow okay?” Yixing asks, and the two nod obediently.

Luhan’s heart soars with pride, his children were so mannered, not talking back even a bit, all credits going to his beautiful mate, bringing his kids up so well.

The children slide off the bed.

“Taotao, sehunnie, kai, catch me if you can!” Kyungsoo runs off, and Tao bolts after the elder.

Yixing lets Sehun down gently, watching as the small boy crawls after his brothers enthusiastically. Kai on the other hand opts to snuggle deeper into his mama’s arms, making barely audible whining noises that pull at their heartstrings.

“They’re really good aren’t they?” Pinching the baby’s cheek softly, Luhan chuckles.

“They’re wonderful.” Yixing smiles up at him, eyes twinkling affectionately.

“You’re wonderful too……except for when you’re mad and get all aggressive.” The brunette jokes, and Luhan scoffs.

“So you don’t like the big bad wolf?” He asks in mock disbelief, and Yixing shakes his head nonchalantly, smiling widely all the while.

“You sure about that, because I could swear you were begging for more of him just two nights ago.”

Luhan expects his mate to blush, what he doesn’t expect is the thoughtful frown that graces his features, pointer finger tapping his chin.

“Hmm, I don’t remember.” He teases, and Luhan growls, two could play at this game.

“Should I remind you?” He questions darkly, and Yixing’s eyes glimmer mischievously.

“Maybe?” He winks cheekily, biting his lip for an added effect, enjoying how he has the alpha right where he wants him, out of control and needy.

But before Luhan can pounce on the brunette, he needs to get rid of an obstacle in his path.

“Kyungsoo! Come take Kai with you!”


thereeee lol what is this blackmajic

how do you spell majic >> is that it lol i dunno


ugh anyways lol i seriously have no clue what this is like it's really random but i guess it shows the sifferent sides of their relationship??

lol i dunno

i'm just trying to be philosiphical 

i think that's the word lol

anyyywayyys okay then lol byeee lol




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