The broken doll.

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Sehun is a good boy, but he isn't one of those happy kids, no. His father ran away when he was a little baby, his mother has a lot of problems with the money. He go bullied in school, because he looked really feminine. All he wanted was to be happy. He is sick, well it's more like his brain is sick. He can't remember a lot of things from his childhood, but that is good. His childhood was a nightmare. He is always surprised when his mother sings the "Happy Birthday" song to him. But the thing he always knows is the name of his mother and the image of his father who left him. Soon he will face his biggest nightmare.


"I will always be in your dreams, I will be your nightmare. My marks are on your body, you'll always be my doll. The doll I destroyed" 


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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 2: Authormin your story is very good ,,, please update. such an interesting story, can't wait for more updates. ^_^
HikariRaizel90 #2
Chapter 2: Your story is good. It such a loss if you don't update it.
HikariRaizel90 #3
Chapter 2: please update soon author-nim.
ohhhhsehunnie #4
Chapter 2: Update soon pleaseee.... I'm begging you
bizzlexobts #5
Chapter 2: please write more^^ poor sehunnie ;-; you jongout gonna pay someday-__-
GuardianExostans #6
Chapter 2: Sehun..are u retard?
SehunnieBaby #7
Chapter 2: Kim jongout u
SehunnieBaby #8
Chapter 1: Poor hunniebaby hiks
ayanesakura #9
Chapter 2: ??? :-O woww it's getting interesting.