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With your imagination and the strive to win in games, you can be a winner and have your name known. Create a legacy of your win and challege others to beat you! Bring your competitive side here and join the different kinds of events we offer in Genius.



1. This is a AU RP **PLEASE note that we do not accept the idea of roleplaying a movie/story character. The background of your character's story cannot be an exact replica or similar to the stories of a movie/story character. **

2. Straight, , and Yuri accepted.

3. Mpreg and Fpreg (both straight and lesbians) allowed.

4. Semi- rp; is publicly allowed anywhere, rated images & gifs should be kept inside rated r group.

5. , suicide, and other sensitive topics are not allowed in public.

6. 1 week dating ban unless if you're a moving couple; inform admins.

7. Face chasing, bias, bullying, and bashing are NOT allowed.

8. Use brackets when talking 't diooc outside of the ooc group: (()), {}, []


10. No OOC drama, IC drama allowed - keep to a minimum.

11. Unlimited character changes (but do not abuse this).

12. 2 accounts/person (MUST ask for permission from admins first).

13. BE ACTIVE! Inactivity will result in your removal.

14. DON'T befriend those outside of the rp. This is a closed roleplay.

15. pw: define what alternate universe means.

16. All types of writing styles accepted. Don't discriminate.

17. Last but not least: enjoy and have fun!



1. Subscribing is a MUST! Upvoting would be loved.

2. Your AFF account must be at least 2 months old!! We will be checking.

2. Check the masterlist for available face claims. **PLEASE note that we do not accept the idea of roleplaying a movie/story character. The background of your character's story cannot be an exact replica or similar to the stories of a movie/story character.**

3. Comment below in this format: 

Yo Imma be Genius (name) - (association) + password

4. Once you have been accepted you have 3 days to have your account, add the admins, and do the following steps (provided through pm on aff).

5. **PLEASE make sure your aff account is public so that we are able to send you a pm for further instructions as to what to do!** You will not be accepted if we're unable to pm you = your reserved face claim will be given up within 3 days.

6. DO NOT add anyone besides the admins until you have been announced/is friends with an admin.




[In order to see the "rules" and "how to join" scroll down on the layout. 

you can either: use the middle part to your mouse/

click on the layout then use your arrow keys/

highlight all the way down]


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odinsfury 0 points #1
yo imma be jay park soloist

AU is an alternate universe where your characters story is different from the one we currently know

sorry reapplying i had gotten the flu :(
BaoziXEveryoneX 0 points #2
Yo imma be ulzzang seo sungkyung

au is alternate universe; an alternate universe is where your character's background is different from the one they're currently living in.

// previous rose is here (^':
mostbeautifulmiracle 0 points #3
Yo imma be actor park bogum

au is alternate universe. an alternate reality where your character has a different background.
imaloveofnuest #4
Yo imma be dias chaeyeon
au is basically a short term of saying alternate universe which means you're in a whole another dimension in which there is a backstory put in- so you can be in a fairy tale and more with a character of your own.
iyaahsone_xx #5
Yo imma be snsd taeyeon

au is the opposite of non au (pfft. Jk) i mean it has a story background
odinsfury #6
Chapter 1: yo imma be jay park

AU stands for alternate universe, meaning the role-play takes place in one.
mastermind_rp #7
*Choi's Update*
vixx - ken
red velvet - seulgi
model - gigi hadid
bts - suga
block b - zico
model - stephen james

character change:
cnblue - lee jungshin > super junior - lee donghae

free to rp:
b.a.p - daehyun
dalshabet - subin
model - kendall jenner
ulzzang - lee namsoo
soloist - iu
vixx - hongbin
mamamoo - solar
Kurrokochi #8
So, my account has been disabled. Can I still come back or am I too late?

-Thomas Sangster's rper
Yo Imma be Genius stephen james - model

AU is a fictional setting that can altered so it does not have any connection to the faceclaim.
yo, imma be ken of vixx
+ alternate universe means face claming a real life character but with a fictional background