[AU FB RP] ♚GENIUS RP♚ Come join the fun with us ♡♡ WE'RE 3 YEARS OLD ♡♡ Thanks to member jaebum, for the anniversary layout gift! We'd greatly appreciate having more females and straight males~

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Genius RP
Genius RP
an au facebook roleplay
Im Sejun
Kim Seokjin
Kim Junmyeon
"great minds think alike."
A place that's open for every imagination and dreams you've ever wanted to come true. A place where people are welcome to bring their competitive side and compete in games against other members. Occasionally, we'll uphold our subtheme of being named after the Korean TV Show "The Genius" and have some games that were featured in the show. Join and show us what a genius you are!
1. This is an AU roleplay **Please note that we do not accept the idea of roleplaying a movie/story character. The background of your character's story cannot be an exact replica or similar to the stories of a movie/story character.***
2. Straight, , and Yuri accepted.
3. Mpreg and Fpreg (for both straights and lesbians) allowed.
4. Semi- rp: is publicly allowed anywhere, rated r images, gifs, and videos should be kept inside the rated r group.
5. , suicide, and other sensitive topics are not allowed in public.
6. 1 week dating ban unless if you're a moving couple (inform admins).
7. Face chasing, bias, bullying, and bashing are NOT allowed.
8. Use brackets when talking OOC outside of the OOC group: [], {}, (())
9. Disabled accounts: you MUST add all admins and message our aff linking us to your new account. You will not be accepted if you don't do BOTH! you have 3 DAYS TO RETURN. 
10. No OOC drama, IC drama - keep to a minimum.
11. Unlimited character change and character chang trials (do not abuse this - inform admins).
12. 2 accounts / person (MUST ask admins' permission)
13. Face Claim's real life age must be 16+ years old.
14. BE ACTIVE! Inactivity will result in your removal.
15. DON'T befriend those outside of the rp. 
16. pw: what's the definition of alternate universe?
17. All types of writing styles accepted. Don't discriminate.
18. Last but not least: enjoy and have fun!
1. Subscribing is a MUST! Upvoting would be loved.
2. Your AFF account must be at least 2 months old before applying.
3. Check the masterlist for available face claims.
4. Comment below in this format: 
- Yo imma be Genius' (name) - (association) + password
5. Once you have been accepted, you have 3 days to have your account, add the admins, and do the following steps provided through pm on aff.
- ** please make sure that your wall is unprivated for this to happen**
6. DO NOT add anyone besides the admins until you have been announced or have been given permission from an admin to do so.
02/23/2017: Genius' 3rd anniversary and one of our precious members, Jaebum/Sana, has gifted us this beautiful layout as a birthday present . We're thankful and appreciate all of his hard work and thoughtful gift. Please check out his layout shop by clicking on the link at the bottom left corner of this layout


[In order to see the "rules" and "how to join" scroll down on the layout. 

you can either: use the middle part to your mouse/

click on the layout then use your arrow keys/

highlight all the way down]


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bonvoyage 0 points #1
Yo imma be Genius' sana from twice!
au means alternate universe, in which your muse has a different personality and life than the idol. you are essentially taking their face/name and creating an original character!
0 points #2
Yo imma be Genius' Soloist Kris Wu
AU means faceclaiming a person and creating your own background for the character you're faceclaiming; usually doesn't have the same background as the person you're faceclaiming
0 points #3
yo i'mma be genius' park jinyoung of got7

+ au refers to the aspect of a parallel universe that is unlike reality, where the person with the same face leads a completely different life.
fuqqer 0 points #4
Chapter 1: yo i'mma be genius' kim minkyung (roa); pristin.
au means that you are only using the idol's appearance to roleplay. their background and personality will be different from reality.
*Choi's Update*
blackpink - jennie kim
instagrammer - polla thai
model - lucky blue smith
twice - tzuyu
model - gigi hadid
soloist - beyonce
instagrammer - chris mccrory
soloist - shannon williams
model - cameron monaghan
f(x) - amber
red velvet - wendy
model - ashley vee
model - zendaya

free to rp:
seventeen - the8
b.a.p - jongup
model - nam joohyuk
actor - alex anderson
instagrammer - diana korkunova
instagrammer - toni mahfud
(activity check's over)
exo - kris
exo - jongin
exo - d.o
highlight - junhyung
bts - jin
bts - jungkook
bts - suga
nu'est - baekho
star road trainee - takada kenta
soloist - iu
instagrammer - kelsey calemine
infinite - woohyun
instagrammer - ri ri
soloist - zayn malik
monsta x - shownu
model - claudia alende
youtuber - sichen chen
one direction - harry styles
actress - kim dasom
Ashbleeebaby #7
Yo I'mma be Genius' Aspen Mansfield - Instagram Famous/Model - AU is an Alternate Universe. Meaning the story and background of your chosen face claim are dilerbitely changed, making them different than the face claim's real story.
soshirene #8

Yo Imma be genius Jennie Kim, blackpink
AU means alternative universe- a world completely different from reality