"I can't stop myself from loving him, I'm sorry".

"You're my wife! You'll always be mine!"

"I love her, I can't live without her"

"Stay away from my husband or you'll face the consequences!"


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Minahbang93 #1
Chapter 9: What if Nam Guk true dad is Kyungsoo, Omo ~ This is More interesting
Chapter 9: Poor baby nam guk !! Be strong !!
Update soon **
Chapter 8: WWHHYYYYYYYY ????? !!!!!! T-T
Chapter 7: Oh MY GOD !!! **
Update Soon **
afiercesong #5
This was fun to read!
Chapter 6: I Cry cry ... Why ?
You'r story is so Good !!
I can't wait for the Next chapter ....
pretty_rania1 #7
Chapter 6: glad that they're back together!
pretty_rania1 #8
Chapter 5: OMG things got really bad ! and the poor daughter died !!
Chapter 4: Where's Yongguk?
pretty_rania1 #10
Chapter 3: I'm glad she made up her mind to be faithful to her family!