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Those Three Magical Words


"JUST GET OUT OF MY LIFE!" "When you say 'I love you' with your own lips and really mean it, that's when I'll disappear from your life." Minhyuk, a.k.a B-Bomb, is a rough, rude, and snappy pretty ...

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Those Three Magical Words by muzikmaster    Main Characters: B-Bomb      


B-Bomb is one of the two main kingkas at BNS (Brand New Stardom) High. He's nicknamed "The Cold Prince". He's also a junior. He's a cold-hearted and distant pretty boy who rarely smiles or laughs. Everyone calls him B-Bomb, while close people (like his friends) call him Minhyuk, his real name. He's part of a dance crew called "Block B", and he hates annoying things.     You (The Reader)     You are a patient, relaxed, and carefree girl that just loves to smile, smil...

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jasminexl #1
Chapter 52: This story is so cute and fluffy! I enjoyed this story a lot!((:
hanlyn07 #2
Chapter 52: Sooooooooo cute....(*^﹏^*)
xoxosenshine #3
Chapter 52: Aweddd so sweet . Its so fluffy .
EvelynEve #4
Chapter 52: aww...what a sweet and romantic story!
i love it!
good job author-nim!
Mysterious_Lady #5
Chapter 52: Oh. My. Gosh. That.was.so.CUTE!!!!!! And sweet! And romantic!!!!
Mysterious_Lady #6
Chapter 51: So sweet!!!
Mysterious_Lady #7
Chapter 34: I just love the corners you know!
Mysterious_Lady #8
Chapter 33: Ill give you a hug Kyungcumber!!!
muzikmaster #9
Thank you for the sweet comments! ;)
twinkle_blossom #10
Chapter 52: Kyaaaaaa~ I'm melting!! It was so sweet~ >.<