It's You!

by muzikmaster (members-only)
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Shakalaka - Dal★Shabet (     ---------------- Narrator’s P.O.V:     The rest of the day was tiring, especially since you already gained an enemy: Minah. Luckily, L. Joe chatted with you a little sometimes, so you weren’t completely alone.   Right now, you wished U-Kwon was a student at the school.   Finally, it was lunchtime. You were putting away your books in your locker before heading off to th...

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muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thank you for the sweet comments! ;)

twinkle_blossom () says about chapter 52:
Kyaaaaaa~ I'm melting!! It was so sweet~ >.<

qeela1010 () says about chapter 52:
Kyaaa~ sooo sweet i Love itttt....

Miyuki2001 () says about chapter 52:

OMG!!! I lovedddddd it soooooo muchhhhh!

sone4eva () says about chapter 52:
Can we get a sequel? *Stop it me! I'm being to selfish*

--SpringJelly () says about chapter 36:
OMG I played the song and exactly when I reached the end of the chapter and when you(Author-nim) wrote how Sandeul sings it was exactly that part of the song XD

muzikmaster [A] () says:
Thank you so much for all your comments! <3

sejukiller () says about chapter 52:
*rereads 500 more times* B)
Another lovely story! I still feel bad for LJoe and UKwon tho ;o

YellowClover () says about chapter 52:
best fanfic ever!!

rometalia () says about chapter 52:
I can't stop re-reading this story~~ So sweet, i hope you make more story featuring Block B especially Minhyuk :)

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