It's You!

Those Three Magical Words
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Shakalaka - Dal★Shabet
Narrator’s P.O.V:
The rest of the day was tiring, especially since you already gained an enemy: Minah. Luckily, L. Joe chatted with you a little sometimes, so you weren’t completely alone.
Right now, you wished U-Kwon was a student at the school.
Finally, it was lunchtime. You were putting away your books in your locker before heading off to the cafeteria when screams filled the hallways.
You turned around, curious. *Who’s B-Bomb?* You were puzzled until you remembered what your uncle had said. *His name is Minhyuk, but he goes by B-Bomb.* Your head snapped up in realization.
*Minhyuk-sshi!* You brightened as you turned around and spotted his auburn hair above the heads of people. You ran up towards the crowd and waved your hands back and forth, trying to get him to notice you.
“Minhyuk-sshi! MINHYUK-SSHI!” You hollered.
Meanwhile, Minhyuk was thinking about how annoying those girls were. They clawed at him and idolized him as if he was some sort of king, but of course, he could care less.
He was thinking of making a run for the cafeteria when he heard a familiar voice.
“Minhyuk-sshi! MINHYUK-SSHI!”
Minhyuk snapped out of his daze when he remembered that voice. He stopped walking abruptly, making Taeil accidentally bump into him. “Ouch, Minhyuk!” He pouted.
Minhyuk ignored Taeil’s protest and walked in your direction. Everyone else was silent as you nervously watched Minhyuk analyze you. Suddenly, his eyes widened as he pointed at you.
“It’s… It’s you!” He gasped, not believing his eyes.
You cheekily grinned, “Annyeong, Minhyuk-sshi. I told you I’d see you at school.”
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Kim_EunA #1
Love this!
Cheesecake143 #2
Chapter 52: Waaa it's so cuteeee (≧∇≦)
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Love this story! <3
ssyuhadaaa #4
Chapter 52: Aww hehehe sooo cutee i love it.
muzikmaster #5
Thanks for all your support! :D
Chapter 52: Awesome I just finished this story in likes 5 hours amazing at first I didnt wanna read this story but I gave it a chance and the story was amazing it was very cute
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Chapter 52: This story is so cute and fluffy! I enjoyed this story a lot!((:
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Chapter 52: Sooooooooo cute....(*^﹏^*)
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Chapter 52: Aweddd so sweet . Its so fluffy .
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Chapter 52: aww...what a sweet and romantic story!
i love it!
good job author-nim!