Fall In-Love With The Basketball Teacher


What will happen when Chanyeol meets his basketball teacher Kris? Will Chanyeol confess to him or the other way around?




Park ChanYeol

He is a 19-year old male. He is gay but he was afraid that his best friends will not accept him if he told them about it, but he'll try to and it was unexpected because his best friends were also gay. His best friends were Kim JongIn, Oh SeHun and Kim JongDae. He's not much interested in basketball until one day the new teacher came to his school and started to teach basketball. The teacher was named Wu Yifan but he told everyone to call him Kris and Chanyeol was deeply in-love with him.


Wu Yifan/Kris

Kris is a 21 year old teacher. He was the basketball teacher that Chanyeol fell in-love with. He is gay too, but he'd just act cool and the acting made everyone think he was straight. He keeps receiving a love note everytime he went to his desk at the gym. He keeps on track to the one who sent those and turns out it was Chanyeol. But he keeps ignoring that until one day, Chanyeol didn't sent him a love note. He keeps thinking of it until he went to Chanyeol and invited the male to his house that night for a private basketball lesson.

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poster done by: Christine_Lu

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JenniferHyun #2
Chapter 9: Please dont forget half of the verbs. And dont change your telling in middle of sentence. It's in a past form or its in "this moment" but it cant be written with both. You would have some use to a beta. You should try to find someone. The plot itself is really good, but i miss more descriptions and especially more feelings. That makes your story much longer.
KrisYeolforever #3
Chapter 10: is kaihun really dating?? >o<
btw, krisyeol is so sweet~ ^^ i love it so much? update soon! <3
BabyTaem #4
Chapter 9: what did you do sehun-aaaaaaaaaaaah >,<
chanyeol belong to kris!!
yeol-fan #5
Chapter 9: I hate sehun now.. that duck....
MsBaekByunnie #6
Chapter 9: Sehun What are you doing??? Leave chanyeol alone!! He is kris'
Aigo author-nim you make me going crazy >_<

if you want to make another story, please make kaihun or sekai ^^

Author-nim jjang!
keep updating ^^
growlingtinkeobell #7
BabyTaem #8
update soooon author-nim^^
sofishy1507 #9
Chapter 8: chanyeol will be very happy for sure to get a surprise from kris...
kris, u r really love ur channie, huh? kkk
looking forward to the next chap :)
sofishy1507 #10
Chapter 7: OMG... finally they did 'it' >///<
it was hot!!
sofishy1507 #11
Chapter 6: chanyeol jelous so cute.
ahh, finally they r together!!! >///<