The Doctor and the Pirate


“Pardon me,” the man with the teeth says politely.  “Do I have the honor of addressing Doctor Zhang Yixing?”


Rating:  R

Pairing: SuLay, hints of XiuHan if you squint

Notes & Warnings: ual & disturbing images, 17th-century medicine, dubious historical accuracy.  

Pirate!Exo AU based on this and this. May or may not be the first in a series.

Special thanks to jumpthisship for betaing this monster for me.

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BlaseBlanco 0 points #1
Chapter 5: I loooooved this!!
I love this so much! Sulay is just too good in this. I need more sulay like this
Chapter 5: Awww, I'm glad yixing decided to join the crew.
Wonderful story!
Totothepig #4
Chapter 2: Awwwwwwww!!!!!! Sulay is so sweet!!!!!!
good job!!
[deactivated] #6
Chapter 6: I can't describe how much I really love this fic. I read this a month ago, I think, when it got featured, and I came back to re-read it again and give it a subscribe because it's more than worth it. I can't explain how happy I am to found a well written SuLay fic. SuLay fanfics are very rare, especially the good one. I don't know why are there so little fanfic about the OTP because they are the fluffiest thing ever ㅜ ㅜ I can barely find any flaw within this fic. I really like the characterisation of each of them. Especially how the relationship grows when time transitioned, it felt real and shows how both fall in love with each other. I wished that the fic is longer, though, because I really enjoy it and don't want it to end quickly! I hope you can write another SuLay fic in the future! Thank you for ever writing this fic ♡
baekhyeonee #7
Chapter 6: dis is my first time ever reading a sulay fic 'cos my sister is constantly pestering me to read this and now I regret not listening to her ;___; this is seriously one of the best fic in general and i can see that u really work hard, even searching for those medical things i dont even understand but i really enjoy this story. thank you so much author-nim <3
2jae4life #8
Chapter 6: Thank you so much for this!A good sulay fanfic is super hard to find and I'm really happy I chanced upon this.

Thank you dearest author!
Sanju-desu 36 streak #9
Chapter 5: Omoooo this is the best SuLay fic i'ver came across with so far!! I love how the relationshio transition in time... I feel so dreamy after reading this... This is definitely the sulay feels!!! I hope there's a sequel :'(
AliceD #10
But seriously, I love this story so much ♡
I had to stop reading sometimes just to roll around and let the Sulay feels take over my soul.
I also really like the way you described the treatment (even thought I don't know about 17th-century medicine)