The Doctor and the Pirate


“Pardon me,” the man with the teeth says politely.  “Do I have the honor of addressing Doctor Zhang Yixing?”


Rating:  R

Pairing: SuLay, hints of XiuHan if you squint

Notes & Warnings: ual & disturbing images, 17th-century medicine, dubious historical accuracy.  

Pirate!Exo AU based on this and this. May or may not be the first in a series.

Special thanks to jumpthisship for betaing this monster for me.

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Woooohpeasants342 #1
Chapter 6: "He's my plunder for this adventure" booiiiiiii yall best believe that i was screaming cos that was cute af. Ajdjgkldleallfn this was soooo good i loved it so much!
This is beautiful. I'm speechless. I have always been against SuLay pirate AUs as I could never depict Junmyeon as someone barbaric but this story has changed me completely. Thank you.

I was about to cry towards the end when Yixing opened the door a year after. You got me there and I love it.

"He's my plunder for this adventure" — FAVE. This fic is definitely up there on my most recommended SuLay fics of all time.
This is, HANDS DOWN, my favourite Sulay fic.
It's just perfect! I love their relationship so much :')
knytvsprncss #4
Chapter 5: !!!!! Why haven’t I read this fic earlier?!
Wasn’t that big on pirate au (perhaps because there hasn’t been much?) so I Guess that’s why I just put off reading this. I deserve a big old thump for that.
Let me wallow in withdrawal syndrome for a bit and then come back to read this 8272882 more times after that omg
This is such an amazing story!! Thank you for writing this!!
I read this again and I just love this so muuuuuuch!
BlaseBlanco #6
Chapter 5: I loooooved this!!
I love this so much! Sulay is just too good in this. I need more sulay like this
Chapter 5: Awww, I'm glad yixing decided to join the crew.
Wonderful story!
Totothepig #9
Chapter 2: Awwwwwwww!!!!!! Sulay is so sweet!!!!!!
good job!!