The Doctor and the Pirate


“Pardon me,” the man with the teeth says politely.  “Do I have the honor of addressing Doctor Zhang Yixing?”


Rating:  R

Pairing: SuLay, hints of XiuHan if you squint

Notes & Warnings: ual & disturbing images, 17th-century medicine, dubious historical accuracy.  

Pirate!Exo AU based on this and this. May or may not be the first in a series.

Special thanks to jumpthisship for betaing this monster for me.


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Chapter 6: congratss!!
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Chapter 6: Ahhh I'm so happy I read this fic <3 Congratulations on getting featured! <3
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Congratulations on getting featured!
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Chapter 5: omg i finished reading this and damnnn your fic just made me love pirate!au. Thank you for making this wonderful fic~~
Chapter 4: YASH
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Congrats on feature :)
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Congratulations! :D
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Chapter 6: This fic was the best one I've read recently. It's amazing, and I usually don't even read sulay fics tho I do ship them. So many feels... wow. And this pirate!au was a brilliant idea. Thank you so much for this story :)