The Doctor and the Pirate


“Pardon me,” the man with the teeth says politely.  “Do I have the honor of addressing Doctor Zhang Yixing?”


Rating:  R

Pairing: SuLay, hints of XiuHan if you squint

Notes & Warnings: ual & disturbing images, 17th-century medicine, dubious historical accuracy.  

Pirate!Exo AU based on this and this. May or may not be the first in a series.

Special thanks to jumpthisship for betaing this monster for me.


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AliceD #1
But seriously, I love this story so much ♡
I had to stop reading sometimes just to roll around and let the Sulay feels take over my soul.
I also really like the way you described the treatment (even thought I don't know about 17th-century medicine)
TheOverallShipper #2
This was such a wonderful story! I like how Yixing never thought he would relapse and then he did and Joon still came back to take care of him. The pull and push was great and the way the relationsships were described, was absolutely fantastic
Hey ~ congratulations for the feature hehe (๑★ .̫ ★๑)
Midorijima #4
god i love this so much
ppalinawara #5
this is kinda late but congratulations!!
Angblingjonghyun #6
Gee!! Its amazing!!!

Congrats!! This story sure is one of the best I've ever read!!!!!
yukina15 #7
Chapter 6: IDEK how to say how much I loved this story. Congrats on the feature
Andreakirana #8
Chapter 6: congratss!!
monxamour #9
Chapter 6: Ahhh I'm so happy I read this fic <3 Congratulations on getting featured! <3