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Kyungsoo comes up with an interesting way to survive a bank robbery.


"Get down on your knees!"

Kyungsoo obediently fell back down to his knees.

"Don't move or I'll shoot!"

Kyungsoo almost froze in place. His body, though, chose to ignore the order on its own accord. He didn't know if it was desperation or the curiousity that killed the cat, but he found himself scooting closer on his knees to the bank robber.

"I said don't move!" Kyungsoo heard him the barrel. "Are you deaf and dumb?!"

Kyungsoo replied by pulling down the zipper of the young man's pants.

"What—what are you doing?!"

The bank teller met the robber's eyes with his own round pair, mouth dangerously close to the length he was working on exposing. He could see he was playing with fire by the expression on the criminal's face.

"I'm Do Kyungsoo. Can I have a ride before I die?"


I come up with these things and can't stop myself >n<

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NAJSIBOBFSDF must stop writing fanfics >.>


Russian translation here.


Thank you very much to danhobak at kaisoo heaven for the beautiful poster and background!


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Killerguppy #1
Chapter 2: Haha that was amazing, but I'm surprised that Kai got away with it.
Chapter 1: This is a crazy idea but hot damn it was crazy hot too!
EXOticLariBird #3
Chapter 1: Omg this is gold hahaha i looooooove it! Thank you so much for sharing!
Chapter 1: OHMKaisoo! The feels~
anonymousV #5
Chapter 2: Oh my there's a sequel as well *^* you're awesome
anonymousV #6
[deactivated] #7
Love this story. kaisoo feels .
audbear #8
Chapter 1: I have just noticed that you are a Kaisoo shipper... I should have guessed from all the stories XD
Uraacaa #10
Chapter 1: Ahhh this was so great. Kaisoo is still going strong haha