Last January

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"I realized that the person who made me happily smile more than anyone else in the world can’t be you anymore"

"Happy birthday to you"

Everyone was singing happily.

Kyungsoo was standing there.

Capture it.

Remember it.

This moment.

Before it gone.

"Blow the candles"

He nodded.

Faked a smile.

And blow it until the last candle has been extinguished.

"Make a wish"

As he closed his eyes

He whispered

"I wish I was dead"

Everyone clapped.

Not knowing what just he wished.


Do Kyungsoo (January 12,1993)

"Will you promise me that you will remember that I exist and stand so close to you right now?"

Kim Jongin (January 14, 1994)

"Hyung I'm sorry but we can't be like this. Not anymore. Not when everything has changed. We can't go back like we used to be"

Author's note:

Please before you read the whole story and subscribe to it, I will tell you a secret. This story won't have a happy ending.


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chariscma97 #1
Chapter 13: The truth is i'm speechless..
You make me and others realize that its true that not all life has a happy ending.
Some does while the other were barely hanging on their life.
2014 is the year i join EXO fandom.
The little notes that you left after all the chapter makes me realize that i should treasure and cherish moments that i have with beloved one.
I...Can we be friend??Thank you for the beautiful story.
Chapter 13: Love this story. You really a good author
nice ♡
Wow I bawl my bloody eyes out everytime I read this
Chapter 13: Well... angst , at this confusing vulnerable time of my life , that is what I'm reading nowdays and it was one the smartest angst I've ever read. ...
And God your 'author's note' seriously, really, amazingly, ridiculously ,totally Creeped Me Out , I felt. ...... . . connected !?!?
BTS_Rania_ARMY #6
It's been years already but thinking about this book makes my heart ash and my eyes teary . It broke my heart and yet it's my favorite ever .
Romanbookdragon #7
Chapter 13: this is beautiful .... im crying but the ending is so beautiful.. i love it
Romanbookdragon #8
Chapter 11: yes
Romanbookdragon #9
Chapter 9: forgotten
Romanbookdragon #10
Chapter 8: i dont know but i will proceed