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Kris hated the fact that his brother got everything he wanted.

Running his hands against the warped metal.

Kris entertained himself whilst he was grounded.

Of course, it wasn't his fault, it never was.

Tao was in trouble and Kris had to be the bad influence.

Who would trust Kris, the one with the y stare.

The one that reminded their father, just of who had left them.

The one that they had trusted, the one that couldn't care less.

Tao was never at fault, it was her, she morphed into him.

A 'gentle' reminder of what she had left behind.

A delinquent child. No one wanted him, so evil.

Crimson gushing past the fading blue wallpaper.

no one would care, no one would judge him.

no one but his saviour. The one that stood up for him.

Tao, couldn't believe his eye's. He didn't know what he did.

But it made Kris believe if only for a second,

There was a chance, a small chance, to be in a happy family.


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heheimevil #1
Chapter 50: wow its finished...
AptonKey #2
It's done finally
heheimevil #3
Chapter 45: PandaArt... I can't believe the story is almost finished! *sobs in le corner*
heheimevil #4
Chapter 41: "This one shall be mine" thinks every Kpop fan once they've found their ultimate bias
springjasmine91 #5
Chapter 41: Reading these makes me wanting more. Fighting for next one
heheimevil #6
Chapter 37: I don't understand what just happened but the fact that I'm half asleep may explain why.... Great chapter author-nim~ (it seems great in my half asleep state anyway)
springjasmine91 #7
Chapter 37: Wow awesome chapter! Well done. Fighting for next chapter
springjasmine91 #8
Chapter 36: awww taotao....don't cry....fighting for next one!
springjasmine91 #9
Chapter 35: Kyaaaaaa cute! Fighting for next one
heheimevil #10
Chapter 34: No one cares is my motto..... Actually that may just be a really bad motto