Chapter (2)

In the evening on the same day, Chunji stayed in his room all day long searching for L.Joe's pictures. We cannot blame him though, he needs to satisfy his need anyway. After squealing over a picture after another, he decided to go out and scout what the others are doing. He can see all of them minus L.Joe in front of the television, guess they are done with the cooking from the looks of it. He sauntered towards them and parked his lazy on the couch. "Hey! What gives? You're taking up the space here!" Niel complained. Chunji gave him a glare, typical of him to do so.


"Are you implying I'm FAT!?" Chunji asked. "If you say so," he retorted. Chunji took a pillow besides him and hit Niel as hard as he can. Not to worry, it is a very soft pillow anyway. All Niel could do was just laugh it out. "So, have you finished surfing the net?" C.A.P asked in turn. "Duh, what am I? A ghost? How can I be at two different places..." then it clicked to Chunji that he is speaking with his leader. "I'm sorry... babo... I didn't mean to answer you rudely," he made a pouty face while saying so. C.A.P shrugged it off. "No prob!"


"Hyung, it's not healthy to be staring at the screen for too long. And before you say anything, yes we are staring at the television for God knows how long but at least we have a good distance while you looked like you're snogging the screen," Changjo sounding as clever as he can. "But... but... whatever, anyway, where's that curly haired brat anyway?" "Who?" Ricky asked in return. "Don't make me hit ya boy, you know who I meant." Ricky gulped, "He's in his room. Why? Are you missing him that much now?" His question made Chunji shuffled a bit from his seat. "Wha... what are you talking about? It's... it's not like I admire or like him anyway!!" Everyone gave him the 'Oh, Really" look. "Yeah, right. We saw how reacted to Lee Byunghyun just now." Chunji felt uncomfortable so he retreated into the kitchen nearby. "Gah, you people will be the death of me," he said so while a bright tint of red can be seen on his cheeks.


Chunji took a deep breath and concluded, "Nothing fishy at all I guess, must have been my imagination... like they're trying to set me up with L.Joe or something. They only suspect me but I can act that off heh!" He thought so as proud as he can get, since he is a drama queen... or king perhaps. But he was being too obvious just now, he needs to be careful more.


L.Joe came into the kitchen a few seconds later, scratching his head, looking like a lazy bastard. But it did not came out too well, it only made him look so cool, well in Chunji's mind that is. "Oh, you're finally here!" C.A.P happily blurt that out. "Yeah... what's up on the TV?" "Not much, we're watching variety shows, Lee Joon hyung made a comeback on Star King. He's such a dope that we loved him!" L.Joe smiled, showing a sign of agreement on that statement. He glanced towards Chunji, trying to stay as cool as he can. "Yo," he teased him. Chunji jumped, he dashed out of the kitchen, tackling L.Joe's shoulder while doing so. Is he stupid or what? That is the question running through Chunji's mind right now. "He thinks he is so cool, oh, nooo... Mr.CoolGuy is here. What should I do?" Chunji thought that while acting as if he was fainting. "Give me a break," he scoffed at the thought.


"What break?" a distant cute-sounding voice at the door can be heard. Chunji eyes grew bigger in respond to his surprise. "Huh? What... what? Nothing," he blushed. L.Joe went inside the room and sat on his bed, a glass of fresh water is in his hands. Taking a few gulp, he looked at his hyung. Raising his eyebrows when the latter looked at him like he is performing an amazing circus act. "Uh, hi?" he tried snapping Chunji hyung out of it. He did. "Huh? Oh, hi! Hey, wait a minute!! You're already inside so why the heck are you saying hi?" He sighed when he realized that. L.Joe just gave him a smirk which caused him to feel uneased in his seat. God, he swear this boy is trying to kill him with his aegyo. It cannot be helped that he has that cute hair with him. "I've noticed that you're always on your lappy nowadays. How come?" L.Joe asked curious as to what his hyung is doing on the internet. "Oh, that... nothing much of importance, don't sweat it! I'm just bored with what the TV has to offer. That's why I went to the internet for some 'cure' of that boredom," he answered in a straightforward manner. L.Joe could only scoff at his answer.


He went out of the room after that little detective scene he did, concluding that nothing to be seen there. Chunji on the other hand, felt like his opportunity was blown out. He regretted it, truly he did. Why cannot he gain the courage to ask his little love angel to touch his soft, sweet-smelling hair just for a second? After overcoming the so-called grief, he turned on his laptop and continued on his adventures on Tumblr. Then suddenly, he felt like he needed to go to the loo and so he went.


L.Joe passed his room yet again and saw his laptop was turned on, he quickly scan his surrounding, making sure no one saw him creeping into Chunji's room. He confirmed that the other members are busy laughing their off of the variety show. He went inside and got on the little wi-fi mouse Chunji bought. He guide the cursor all over the place, searching for something he thought as . He cannot be sure, even as pure as Chunji can get, he might save something nasty inside his laptop. He knew that he is stepping the line here but what the heck, he cannot just back off now can he? As curiousity got the better of him, he rummaged  through Chunji's folders and he saw one named:


'L.Joe - The Curly'.


He was quite shocked to see his special made folder but since Chunji is , he does not care. He just saw pictures of him in his newest hairstyle. He thought to himself, "I'm kinda cute myself, heh." Then he continued his trains of thought, "Wow, where did he get all these pictures? Must be from fans, those cute stalker noonas haha," he smiled as the thought passed through his mind. After scrolling down for a few minutes, he clicked on the last picture only to find it was an edited one, "My Sweet Love" pasted on the picture. He had this what-the- look on his face. He was in a state of aghast. Then, he heard flushing from the toilet. He tried to make for the run but what the hell? His legs got stuck inside the chair, of all the time, now? L.Joe thought to himself.


Chunji came out and saw L.Joe with the screen wide open with the last picture he edited. Everything was awkward at that moment.




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Chapter 3: Awwww, that those last two paragraphs were just the cutest! ♥
I really liked this story~
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hahaha cute chunji spazzing over l.joe...i had fun reading,hehe
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chunjoe are sooooo cute~~~~!!!!! ^^
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@shineesayshello: Haha, spazztatic isn't it? I'm glad you're enjoying this fic of mine!
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I've read this so many times now, its just so cute rjehtgr
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@Byunghun: Why thank you! :D
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