Miracle in December


Same face.

Same voice.

Same name.

Same attitude.

Same things happen.

But differrent soul.

Feels like replaying a movie.

What should I do?



Hiya! This is my 2nd story. Its been a long time I haven't post here. The internet line are so cruel to me ~ /sobs/ Anyway this is story with chapter. Again, sorry with my english /sobs again/ I've try my best >.< Enjoy reading~! Do leave comment. It really means to me *wave* 

p/s: I may be update this rarely but I'll try my best to update every chapter A.S.A.P . *wink*


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Chapter 20: I'm really happy you will continue this story!!^^ I really like it <33
WeirdMe0302 #2
Chapter 17: Ah!! omg! i cant wait!
Alldreams #3
Chapter 16: Update soon plzz im still waiting.. T.T
Interesting. But the foreword is too tiny, I can hardly read it.
kpopforyou365 #5
Chapter 1: Oh!!! ~Ahhee Yoo, GG!~
::::::::::::::::::::: ~Here Comes
Trouble!~ WOO!!~
Sorry, what I was support
To say was, plz UPDATE!!!
kpopforyou365 #6
Chapter 9: Haa! Okei okei~
But... omo!!?! They
kissed!!! Awwhuu!!!?!?
So cute♥ And *sobbs*
Its pretty sad that her/mine
Boyfriend died. :(( I would
Go visit him every time if
I could. But that's how life is...
kpopforyou365 #7
Chapter 7: Wow! I LOVE IT!?"!!
Wait, Chanyeol carried
Her to the house? And did
I upvote yet? Tell me, and then
I will. Thanks for writing this
Chapter, its so........., AHHWWA!?!?!!!~~~
♥____♥ ♥♥♥♥♥♥
kpopforyou365 #8
Chapter 6: Soobbs*** so so so
for writing it. If you know
Hong ki, from Ft Island,
It reminds me of his
song "Severally". It was
A sad AND really really!
Sad m/v. I love it! Thanks
again!!!! ♥♥♥ Π____Π
kpopforyou365 #9
Chapter 5: Update pretty writer!
I love what is happening
right now! Surprising? ^__^
kpopforyou365 #10
Chapter 1: Wow..... FIGHTING! HAHA XD