A New Friend

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Chapter 1: Dae’s POV

          I didn’t want to move. I just wanted to finish my days in high school, and be done with it. I wanted to graduate and go to college. But, my parents had other ideas. They decided they wanted to move. Apparently, Dad got a better job in Chicago than he could get anywhere is Seoul, so he made sure that he moved us all the way across the globe. And when I say us, I mean me, my mother, and my twin brother, Jongup. People Re always surprised when we tell them that we’re twins; we look nothing alike. He’s shorter than I am with a sharper chin line, and he’s younger than I am by like six minutes. I am taller, with a rounder face. He’s a dancer; I’m the academic one. He’s got a boyfriend; I’d rather focus on my school work. How else was I supposed to get into Harvard?

            Anyway, my father made sure that we moved into the Korean neighborhood in Chicago. He didn’t want Jongup or me to feel lonely and scared when we got here. He wanted to help us see familiar Asian faces. He didn’t wanton alienate us. Truth be told, I think he was more frightened than either one of us. The only thing that made moving sort of okay was the fact that there was an older boy next door, who was y. One day, we talked as I was lugging boxes fro, the moving truck to the house.

            “Hey,” he said in a very low, sensual voice. If I didn’t know better, I would think he was trying to seduce me right off the bat.

            “H-hey,” I replied, shocked at the fact that he was actually talking to me.

            “What’s up?” He asked.

            “Well…I’m new here. We’re in the process of moving in.” I gestured to the moving van. The guy chuckled.

            “I see that. What I meant was, nice to meet you. I’m Bang Yongguk. What’s your name?”

            “I’m Jung Daehyun,” I told him. He smiled at me, a gummy smile that was actually really attractive. Not until this moment was I attracted to a person’s mouth. We stared at each other for a moment. Them he cleared his throat.

            “Well, I live next door,” he pointed towards the cute looking house to my right. It was white, with dark blue shudders and a red door. “If you need anything, don’t hesitate to knock, alright?”

            “Sure, sure. It was nice to meet you, Yongguk.” I smiled at him and then walked toward my house.

            “It was nice to meet you too!” I heard him call. I grinned to myself as I walked into the house. I moved past my mother and father, who were in the living room, and went up the stairs. I turned left at the top and made my way to my room. Jongup must have seen me because he came up to my door.

            “What are you so happy about?” He said, that eternal grin on his face. I whirled my head around.

            “Don’t worry about it, dude.” I told him.

            “Why shouldn’t I? I am your twin after all. Haven’t you ever heard of that twin telepathy thing? I know when something’s up. Just spill already.” I rolled my eyes. Jongup was always like this. It’s true we were twins, but that doesn’t mean that we shared anything. We barely even spoke half the time. He was always trying to get us to act close, even when we weren’t.

            “Okay, fine, if that means you’ll leave me alone. I met the boy next door. His name is Yongguk. He seems pretty nice, and he’s good looking.” I finished to myself. I really wish I wouldn’t have let him hear that. I bet he won’t let me live that down.

            “Oh, hyung, did you find a boy toy? Ooooo, that’s exciting! Now maybe you’ll go have and leave me alone for once!” he laughed.

            “Yah, shut up! Why can’t you just leave me alone and go see Zelo. I bet he’d love to or something.”

            “Hyung, shut up! You know mom and dad don’t know about Zelo! How could you do this?!” Jongup complained.

            “Then leave me the hell alone and bet out of my room before I tell them.” I said. Zelo was Jongup’s best friend. His real name is Junhong; God only knows why he goes by Zelo. They’ve known each other for years, since they were little, and they were inseparable in Seoul. Sadly, though, Zelo’s family had to leave Korea. It was hard on them both. I asked Jongup one day why it was more difficult to let Zelo go than it normal was when you lost a friend. He told me that he genuinely loved Zelo as more than a friend, and Zelo felt the same way about him. He even told me that they were in a relationship, and that they had taken their relationship to the next level two weeks before Zelo was scheduled to leave. I was shocked, first because I didn’t notice the change between them, and two that was still a and my little freaking twin wasn’t. What the hell? How could this have happened?

            Anyway, when Jongup learned that we were going to move here to Chicago. He couldn’t believe his ears. He would be back with his beloved. Both boys were really excited. Zelo even wanted to have his parents drive him to the airport to get Jongup. Everything was set. Only problem was, Zelo had stopped texting or calling Jongup a week ago. Needless to say, Jongup was freaking out, no matter how much he tried to hide it. Our parents didn’t know about them. I would tell them if he did anything to make me. But, he would do anything for Zelo, so I couldn’t hold it against him. Honestly, he had a relationship that I envied. Maybe that was why I latched onto Yongguk so much.  

            I went back out to the van. Yongguk was sitting on his porch now, watching as the movers and my family and I work our asses off. The smirk on his face never wavered.  “Yah, you just gonna sit there?” I yelled at him. My smile never wavered either.

            “What happened?” he called back.

            “You just gonna sit over there watching?” I asked.

            “Umm, yeah..?” He gave me a confused look. I shook my head.

            “No… how about a little help?” I smiled. Yongguk shrugged and leapt over the little railing that surrounded his porch. I thought he was going to break his neck or something, but he didn’t. He actually was pretty graceful jumping over it, and I could see the muscles stretching as he did so. He was by my side in less than sixty seconds. I handed him a box, grabbed one of my own, and led him through the door of my house and up to my room.

            “So, you just let anyone into your house?” he asked.

            “Nope, just my neighbor next door.” I grinned at him. “Didn’t you tell me that I could ask for anything if I needed help?” He stopped for a moment while he was setting down the box he had on my bed.

            “Yes, I did say that, didn’t I?” He smiled again.  I nodded. “Hey, um…I know that you’re busy and all with this moving, but… would you like to hang out sometime?” I choked on my own spit.

            “Excuse me?”

            “Hang out? You know, come over to my house or something. We can play video games or watch movies. Whatever it is that you want to do.” Oh, I doubt he would want to do what it is I wanted to do. I smiled to myself again, but I face-palmed myself mentally. I could not be thinking of things like that now.

            “S-sure…except I don’t have a cell phone, though, and I do t think my parents have set up yet, so I don’t know how I’ll get ahold of you…” I trailed.

            “That’s okay. I don’t have a cell a phone either. How about we go old school?”

            “Old School?”

            “Yeah, old school. How about I come over to get you? Like, you know, how they used to do back in the days before there were cell phones?”

            “Oh…” Was all I could get out. He chuckled at my naivety.

            We were done with the boxes, and all I had to do was situate my room. I walked Yongguk out the front door once we made it back downstairs. I stopped at the door.

            “So…I guess I’ll see you tomorrow..?” I asked, my face starting to burn up a little.

            “Yeah, I guess you will.” Yongguk leaned forward a little bit, probably just to gauge the reaction he was getting out of me, and what a reaction he got. My face got really red and my heart was beating so fast and so loud that I was certain he could hear it and see it popping out of my chest. “See you tomorrow, Daehyun.”   



Hey guys! What's up? I hope you liked this chapter. It may seem rushed, but I did that because I wanted to show that Dae is kind of desperate...well not really desperate, more likely lonely. He's never been in a relationship, and he's never been this attracted to anyone. So, I guess the logical thing to do is flirt like there's no tomorrow, right? JongLo's in there. I love them lol. Anyway, commentsare greatly appreciated, and I am willing to take constructive criticism if there is any. Love you. 

Also, school is beginning again, and I have new classes. Ghis semester is math and science, plus religion and history. So, I don't know when I will be able to update again, but I will. I hope you, my lovely readers, understand this. I am not gonna abandon this story, mostly because it's my first BAP story, but also because I really like this one, and I hope you all do too. Love you guys. See you soon!~  


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